What Should I Feed My Cane Corso Puppy In 2022

The puppy you get from a breeder or an animal shelter will probably be very small, even if it’s a full-grown Cane Corso. It needs to be fed a diet that’s specially designed to meet its needs.

It’s always important to know that a big dog needs a lot of food, but you will also want to avoid overeating and bad feeding habits. In this article, we’ll share information on how much to feed, how often to feed, what to feed, and in What Should I Feed My Cane Corso Puppy?

A well-balanced diet is a must for your Cane Corso Puppy. They need protein, carbohydrates, and fats to stay healthy. But not all diets are the same. You need to feed your puppy the correct amount of nutrients that are most suitable for his age and lifestyle.

You can’t be sure what you’re feeding your Cane Corso is having an effect on his health for the rest of his life. And you shouldn’t assume that what you’re feeding him is going to impact him positively. Therefore, let’s go through what you should be feeding your Cane Corso to keep him healthy.

How To Feed Cane Corso Puppy? Feeding Guide:

You need to watch the size of your Cane Corso’s stomach when you’re introducing him to a new food. Cane Corso dogs are prone to developing obesity, so keep an eye on their weight when you change to a new food.

Some of the best foodstuffs for Cane Corso will have the following ingredients listed as the top three: Protein, fiber, and water. You may want to consider other aspects as well. Here are a few other things you should be on the lookout for.

Let’s follow here what should you have to follow when you are feeding your puppy;

1. Calorie Count

Although not all dog foods have the same number of calories, you should make sure to feed your pet a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to keep him or her healthy. The standard 20 calories per pound of body weight for a large breed dog like the Cane Corso is a bit high. In fact, if you weigh an average of 150 pounds, you should feed him or her at least 15 calories per pound, or 225 calories daily.

2. Joint Issues

You Cane Corso is a healthy dog for now. However, his large frame makes his joints a little weaker than smaller breeds. Make sure to look for food that targets joint health. A good ingredient to look for is glucosamine and chondroitin, which boost the level of collagen and joint health.

3. Balanced

When it comes to getting the best results from your dog, protein is vital. Without protein, your dog cannot build muscles, develop energy, and have good immune systems. Some dog foods claim to be “protein-rich,” But that doesn’t mean they are providing sufficient amounts of the nutrient. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that protein is only important for dogs that are overweight, but all dogs, regardless of their weight, need protein to maintain a healthy diet.

4. Quality

Your Cane Corso may be the best dog in the neighborhood, but you shouldn’t keep your dog eating cheap food. Spend a little more on premium ingredients to ensure your canine companion is getting the nutrition it deserves.

What Should I Feed My Cane Corso Puppy? Food Guide:

Every breed of dog has different nutritional needs, just as every stage of their life requires a special diet. Cane Corso puppies should get everything they need in this section to know what type of food to buy. Also, always check with your vet before introducing any new food.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the following quantities of nutrients per thousand kilo-calories of food are recommended for growing puppies:

  • 56.3 grams of protein for adult dogs
  • 43.8 grams of protein for puppies under 15 weeks
  • 21.3 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of calcium
  • 2.5 grams of phosphorus
  • 1.1 grams of potassium

1. Calcium

If you want to get a dog that will develop strong bones, you’ll need to pay close attention to the percentage of calcium in the food you choose. While some sources suggest that Cane Corsos need between.9 and.23 percent calcium, others say the correct amount is 1.0 to 2.5 percent.

The largest breeds of dogs are much more prone to growth-related skeletal deformities. These deformities mean that they’ll need less calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D than normal dogs. That’s why we recommend between.95 and 1.2 percent calcium by food weight for Cane Corso puppies.

2. Feeding A Cane Corso Puppy Kibble

Puppy Kibble is a popular option. But it’s a good idea to note the pros and cons of puppy kibble.

Pros Of Puppy Kibble:

  • Can promote teeth health
  • Convenient
  • Cheapest

Cons Of Puppy Kibble:

  • Requires preservatives
  • Less nutritious
  • Often less preferred by dogs

3. Feeding A Puppy Wet Food

To keep your puppy healthy and happy, it is essential to be able to offer them different kinds of food at any given time. If there are any puppies in the house, you can always find a puppy wet food.

Pros Of Puppy Wet Food:

  • Does not require preservatives
  • More protein
  • Fewer carbohydrates
  • Dogs love it

Cons Of Puppy Wet Food:

  • Can’t be saved very long once opened
  • More expensive
  • Less convenient

4. Feeding A Puppy Raw (Barf)

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to feeding your pet a raw diet. To find out more about this, read on.

Pros Of Barf Diet:

  • No preservatives
  • Closer to dogs’ natural diet
  • Grain may not be healthy for dogs

Cons Of Barf Diet:

  • May expose dogs, other animals, and people to illnesses associated with bacteria contamination 
  • Must wash dog bowls immediately
  • Stainless steel dog bowls only
  • More time consuming
  • Expensive

5. Feeding a Puppy a Homemade Diet

While it’s true that if you’re planning to feed your pet dog homemade food, you’ll need to be extremely careful and highly educated, there are people who claim that doing so is totally safe.

There are many nutrients that a puppy must have. Without them, your Cane Corso will not be able to grow. You can make sure that your dog gets enough essential nutrients by feeding him commercial pet food. Regardless of their benefits and issues, puppy food products are carefully formulated to provide these necessary nutrients to puppies.

Pros Of A Homemade Diet:

  • Total control over your pet’s health
  • Can be cost-effective

Cons Of A Homemade Diet:

  • Very time consuming
  • Requires hours of study and planning
  • Getting it wrong could stunt your puppy’s growth

How Much Should I Feed My Cane Corso Puppy?

Cane Corso puppies are growing fast. A new puppy needs about one to two and a half cups of food between one and three months of age. The amount changes when they get older: for instance, by six months of age they need about two cups of food, and for adults, between 2 and 3¾ cups of food. The more they eat, the larger they get.

At four months old, your puppy will be ready for its first meal. You’ll want to start feeding it around three times a day;

  • this should amount to between 2 ¾ and 4 cups. By six to eight months, it will require 3 ¼ to 5 ½ cups.
  • If you continue to feed it a larger amount of food, your dog could eventually develop health problems. 
  • By the time your dog is nine to eleven months old, you’ll need 4 ½ to 6 cups of food daily. After that, your puppy will need to eat a bit more food than it did when it was younger.
  • By its first birthday, it should be consuming around 6 ½ to 9 ⅓ cups of food every day.

Note that these amounts will vary between breeds. You should also note that puppies who eat more grow faster. Since overfeeding can cause problems with the puppy’s growth, some people try to feed their puppies too much. Never do this.

You should feed a puppy only as much as they need in order to grow properly. It is very important to feed puppies well in order to prevent them from suffering from joint problems, skeletal deformations, and other complications.


Cane Corsos are large dogs so it goes without saying that Cane Corso puppies need a lot of food. In fact, while adults need around 2100 calories per day, puppies will need more to fuel their energy. 

If you make certain that you give your dog plenty of protein, fat, and carbs, you will be assured of a friend for a very long time. What Should I Feed My Cane Corso Puppy?

The best diet for a Cane Corso puppy is an adult dog diet. You can feed raw, but be sure to watch what you give your puppy to eat. They can develop allergies to certain foods so if you feed them certain types of food, be sure to monitor your puppy’s skin and eyes. Your puppy will also have different dietary needs than a larger breed like a Mastiff or Great Dane.


Q. What Can I Feed My Puppy, Cane Corso?

A. The Top 5 Puppy Foods for Cane Corso

  • Blue Homestyle Wet Dog Food
  • Blue Wilderness
  • Hills Science Dog Food
  • Purina one smart blend
  • Royal Canin

Q. How Much Should My Cane Corso Puppy Eat?

A. Around four months of age, your Cane Corso puppy will need between 2⅓ to 3¼ cups of food. By six to eight months, he will require between 3⅓ to 5½ cups of food. By the age of nine to eleven months, he’ll probably need 4½ to 6 cups of food per day.

Q. What’s The Best Thing To Feed A Cane Corso?

A. There are various ways to feed dogs. Some owners will feed their canine companions whatever their dog likes to eat. Others will mix a certain percentage of wet food with dry dog food to make the meal more palatable. Still, others will put their dogs on special diets. For instance, some owners feed their canine companions a grain-free diet. The most popular reason to feed your dog a grain-free diet is to avoid gluten. But this doesn’t mean that dogs can’t get nourishment from other sources.

Q. What Can I Feed My 3-Month-Old Cane Corso?

A. What to Feed a Cane Corso Puppy

  • 56.3 grams of protein for puppies over 14 weeks.
  • 43.8 grams of protein for puppies under 14 weeks.
  • 21.3 grams fat.
  • 3 grams calcium.
  • 2.5 grams phosphorus.
  • 1.1 grams potassium.

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