What Happens When A Pitbull Tastes Blood? Solution In 2023

Pet owners love pit bulls because they are loving, loyal, and trainable. But there is one thing so famous about this breed that you must keep them from tasting blood. So today, we will look into what happens if a pitbull tastes blood and what you should do.

Most people say that when a pitbull tastes blood, it gets in love with its taste and starts to find a way to have more blood. Simply put, it gets dangerously aggressive if this is true because there is no other way around for blood except for killing another dog or living thing.

However, this is not backed up by any scientific research; even some believe it’s just a myth. In general, tasting blood is not suitable for any dog, whether it’s a pit bull or some other species, or it’ll develop an aggressive behavior of fighting.

You have to keep an eye on how it reacts and behaves and what good and bad behaviors it develops. Once identified, you should reward it for the good behavior and discourage the bad one.

If you see a pitbull tasting blood, it’s important to remove the source of the blood (e.g., a wounded animal) and get the dog away from it as quickly as possible. Once a pitbull has tasted blood, it can be very difficult to stop it from attacking.

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Now let’s dive deeper into the topic and check out why do they become angrier and how to treat them from this bad habit. We will also discuss some survival instincts if you ever become confronted with an angry pitbull, Read On.

Are Pitbulls really dangerous?

No, it’s just a famous myth because pit bulls are just like all other breeds, no more or less aggressive comparatively. Yes, it’s stronger and does more damage when it bites comparatively, but not usually dangerous. That’s one reason why people love to keep it as their favorite pet.

However, pit bulls are situationally aggressive, meaning that when they don’t feel the situation is normal, they get highly aggressive. Just for example, if they think their owner or family member is in danger or threatened, they get very aggressive. Again other dogs might be angrier in such cases.

Will My Pitbull Turn On Me?

Generally, pit bulls aren’t aggressive enough to humans as compared to dogs. They can’t tolerate other dogs once they get aggressive. That’s how this breed is. But it’s possible that they can turn on you. This happens for a few following mistakes that you would have been making if they turned on you:

  • Firstly, Lack of training and obedience.
  • Secondly, Lack of socialization with other dogs and humans.
  • Most importantly, it might be due to not giving him the desired love and attention. It’s a pet, but just like humans, it wants your attention and affection, or else it’ll get bored and disobedient.

According to a study, 50% of dog bites came from pit bulls, and another 6 percent from a mixed breed of Pitbull and Rottweiler. This research was done on around 551 patients in a hospital whose average age was 9-10 years(kids).

🤔 Common Question:  Do Dogs Become Vicious After Tasting Blood❔
Not at all! Because tasting blood for dogs is so normal in many circumstances, such as if it has a wound, it’ll keep licking it to wipe out bacteria. If you have an injury on your skin and your dog licks it, stop it but don’t worry, your dog will get vicious. They don’t adopt this behavior unless they kill a living thing and build the courage to do it again and again just to taste blood.

What happens when a pitbull tastes blood? Brief Explanation:

Once an animal tastes human blood, not only dogs, then it will have a chance to become aggressive. This is just the start of its predating journey usually. Even if your pet cat tastes blood, then it might somehow try to taste it again, and for that, it has to kill something like a mouse, chick, lizard, etc. So it’s natural for dogs as well. What you can do is protect them from loose animals. Secondly, train and socialize them.

In case you see your dog has tasted blood, be it some other animal’s wound blood, or its blood, the first thing to do is to notice any behavioral change. If it’s normal, then simply get the blood source away. there should be nothing to worry about.

Look at the body language:

However, if your dog is acting strangely and feeling insecure, be aware and try to make a distance rather than trying to calm it by touching it. As an owner, no one will know your dog’s normal and abnormal moves better than you.

Maintain distance and Call authorities:

It’s important not to try the situation yourself, or you will put yourself in danger. Firstly, you should be keeping a maintained distance between you and the dog(to keep out of the danger zone). Secondly, if you know the dog owner, inform him.

If you are the owner, then you can choose to handle it yourself(if not aggressively) or let authorities handle the situation. You can call Animal control officers, animal rescue, etc., as they know how to tackle such cases.

Facts Why Pitbulls Become Aggressive And What Are The Consequences:

  1. Pitbulls are known to have a very strong jaw and they can bite down as hard as they can without breaking the skin. They could bite down even harder than a human can because of their strength.
  2. Pitbulls are known to have a very strong jaw and they can bite down as hard as they can without breaking the skin.
  3. Pitbulls are extremely territorial and will not attack a smaller dog unless they feel that their territory is being invaded or they feel that their pack is threatened.
  4. A pitbull’s territory is very important to him. They will not attack a dog that they feel is a threat to their pack or in their territory unless they believe that the other dog is going to harm them or their family members.
  5. This trait is why Pitbulls are so aggressive. If Pitbulls feel threatened in their territory or in the home of their pack, they will attack with full force.

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If A Dog Tastes Blood Will It Attack Again?

Tasting blood and attacking are two different things. Even if your dog tastes blood, it’s not going to make him crazy and so aggressive. There’s a probability he will attack prey, but 8/10 times he will not until conditions are met. Leaving your dog loose in your home while you have other animals(prey for it). This is one condition, and if it feels insecure, it’s second, and so on.

So if your dog tastes blood no need to worry unless it acts aggressively. In the majority of cases, it will never attack you, but you should always be careful to avoid any unwanted situations. You have to focus on its behaviors and the change after tasting blood.

What to do when a pitbull tastes blood? How To Save Yourself:

A pitbull that tastes blood will become very aggressive, and will not back down until the threat is gone. Even if you are using a leash and are just trying to walk your dog with another dog, the Pitbull will attack without hesitation. Pitbulls are not like other dogs. They have a very strong sense of loyalty to their pack and will attack to protect their family or pack. The pitbull does not care about you.

Important Survival Instincts To Save Yourself From Angry Pitbull:

  • Do not use a leash and try to move away from the pitbull if it is dangerous or starts to attack you. It will just make the pitbull more dangerous.
  • If you are trying to move away from the pitbull and the leash is still on, do not try to pull the pitbull back. The Pitbull will release himself when the leash is off so if you try to pull him back he will only attack even more.
  • If the pitbull has already started attacking you, try to make him stop by yelling at him or hitting him with something.
  • If the pitbull is attacking you and you are not able to move away or make it stop, do not run into a house or anything else. 

How To Train Pitbull Not To Be Aggressive

One of the strongest tools that you have as an owner is positive reinforcement. This way, you can train your pitbull or any other pet to do whatever you want them to. In simple words, you can shape their behaviors using this technique.

It works on rewarding your pet. Whenever your pet does something that you love or want it to adopt that behavior, you simply reward it with something that it loves. Toys, food, and treats are some excellent rewards for pit bulls. Such rewards will persuade them to repeat themselves based on dopamine. You can use this to overcome your dog’s aggression as well.

What should I do if I see a pitbull bite another dog?

Most of the time, a pitbull will bite another dog because they do not like the other dog’s smell or appearance. A pitbull can be aggressive to people that are larger than him but this is not common. But when pitbull taste blood they become more dangerous and bite without thinking. If a pitbull bites another dog it should be reported to the authorities as soon as possible.

The authorities that can help you are Animal Control, Animal Rescue, and Animal Control Officers. Also, you should call your Veterinarian and tell them what happened. What should I do if my dog bites someone? If your dog bites a person, you need to make sure that the person is in no danger before you try to get your dog away from the other dog.

How to avoid your pitbull tasting blood? Keep Them Away From Blood:

There are many ways you can do to avoid your pitbull tasting blood. But the most common ways to avoid your pitbull tasting blood include:

  • Have your dog on a leash and have them wear an anti-biting collar.
  • Also, the best thing to do is to make sure that there are no loose animals or other dogs around your dog. Also, it is best to keep your dog away from other dogs that might try to bite your pitbull.
  • Keep your pitbull away from blood.
  • Also if you have a house with a lot of animals, it is best to keep your dog away from them.
  • Also, keep your pitbull away from children since kids are usually very clumsy and may accidentally hurt the pitbull.

Do Pit Bulls Have Locking Jaws? Scientific Proof.

Pitbull is physically the same as other dogs, which means they share the same characteristics as other breeds of dogs. How can they lock their jaw when they have no different mechanism or a specific property than a normal dog? It’s just a myth that has been circulating for years and has played a role in keeping pet owners away from this beautiful breed.

According to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, “Pit Bulls do not have to lock jaws. In fact, no healthy dog does!” So it’s nothing more than a myth.

Pitbull Attack Statistics In The United States And Laws For Settlement:

Americans love dog pets and a large portion goes for Pitbull. But surely there are some pitbull attack stats as well that need to be read before choosing this breed. Further, in these different states of America, there are some laws for pitbull attack settlements

1. Arizona.

If you are residing in Arizona and own a pitbull or another breed dog, here is a law that you should be well aware of. 

According to Arizona Legislature,” If a dog bites a person in public, private, or owner’s personal property. Then the dog’s owner shall be liable for the damage to the injured person, no matter, if the dog has a previous record of biting someone or the owner, has a knowledge of his wildness.”

In short, as a dog owner, you will be held liable for any damage your dog does.

2. Washington.

Between 2010 and 2021, amongst a total of 430 dog bites, pitbull dogs made up to 185 dog bites. These states show the aggressiveness of this breed.

If you’re a dog owner and live in Washington, you’ll be liable for whatever damage your dog does. It’s the same as Arizonian law for such dog damages.

3. Missouri.

In Missouri, there are tons of dog bite cases that happened over the years. While 2 pitbull mix breeds attacked a school playground in recess and injured around 21 students. 

This statute was enacted by the Missouri government in order to combat dog bite incidents. “Anyone bitten by a dog without provocation, whether on public property or lawfully on private property, including their own or the dog’s own property, is strictly liable for damages sustained by the victim, regardless of the viciousness of the dog or the knowledge of it to the owner or possessor. Additionally, dog owners and possessors are liable for any damage caused by their dogs. 

If it is determined that the injured party contributed to the incident, the owner or possessor of the biting dog’s liability for damages will be reduced by the same percentage that the injured party’s negligence contributed to the incident. The provisions of this section do not apply to dogs that murder or maim sheep or other domesticated animals in accordance with section 273.020.

4. Tennessee.

In 2022, 2 toddlers were mauled to death by family pit bulls. Besides this, there are numerous other incidents that happened in Tennessee.

Tennessee laws aren’t strict enough like other states. It allows the “ one bite” even if the dog owner knew it was likely to bite the victim. However, the victim would need to prove that the owner did not try to save the dog from biting him.


In conclusion, what happens when a pitbull tastes blood, it can become very aggressive and may be difficult to control. It is important to take proper precautions when around these dogs, especially if they have shown signs of aggression in the past.


Why Were Pit Bulls Called Nanny Dogs?

Pitbulls are famous for their loyalty and protection. They will lose themselves to save your life, family, child, etc. In the past, pit bulls were known as nannies for kids just because of their love and protection for their children.

At what age do Pitbulls become aggressive?

There is no definitive answer to this question as aggression can be exhibited by Pitbulls at any age. Some Pitbulls may become aggressive as puppies, while others may not exhibit any signs of aggression until they reach adulthood.

Is Pitbull A Pet Or A Wild Animal?

Pitbull is a go-to pet for hundreds of thousands of families and they’re loving it because this breed is very smart, affectionate, and caring for kids and families, which makes it a perfect option. You can opt for this amongst other pets to adopt.
However, pit bulls are aggressive according to a small group of dog owners. Make sure you properly handle and train your pet otherwise, it can result in very unwanted results. Pitbulls are thought to be descendants of the Bull Dog breed and so it was bred solely for dog fighting but later became safe enough to get into homes.

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