What Fruit Can Pugs Eat Or Avoid – Read This First! [2023]

If you are a pug mama or a pug dad you will be concerned about your little furry pug’s health and diet. There are so many things that you can feed your Puggy, but you have to be very careful and selective especially when it comes to fruits. So what fruit can pugs eat or avoid?

Normally pugs can eat a variety of fruits as long as there is no citric acid in them. It is because citric acid is harmful to the stomach of dogs and can make them really upset. Besides that these fruits can also result in kidney failure and heart disease. 

Quite shocking eh? 

Don’t worry the following sections explain what fruits a pug can eat and what should be avoided in detail. Besides that, we will also share the reason behind avoiding these fruits so make sure to read it till the end. 

Categories Of Fruits A Pug Can Eat Or Not:

As mentioned earlier, there are some fruit items that are a big No! No! For your doggo. These items include grapes, lime, peaches, plums, cherries, etc. However, there is a complete reason why your dog shouldn’t eat this kind of fruit item. 

Let’s discuss different types and groups of fruits and see what is the best option to feed your pug. 

1. Citrus Fruits For Pugs:

The first and most common type of fruit group is the one that contains citric acid. 

Or to better explain it the ones that have a sour taste!!!

These fruits include oranges, black currents, lime, grapes, pineapples, cherries, and mangoes. Yes, you heard it right mango too. 

This is because the citric acid contained in these fruit items reacts inside the stomach of your pug and causes it to become upset. 

In addition to stomach issues, according to several experts, these types of fruits can also give rise to kidney failure and heart diseases. 

For example, a cherry pit contains cyanide which is a highly toxic substance and can kill you if you eat three cherry pits. The same thing can happen to your sweet pug. 

Some Citrus Fruits Are Discussed In Details Below:

2. Sweet Fruits For Pugs:

The answer to this question is a bit challenging because there are some sweet fruits that pugs don’t like to eat. 

Apart from that, there are some that are extremely harmful to your dog. Thus you need to be very careful when it comes to feeding your doggo some sweet fruits. 

Things like apples can be quite interesting. It is because the flesh of the apple is sweet and is rich in nutrients which are excellent for your dog’s health. 

And of course, the famous quote, an apple a day! Keeps the doctor away! 

Sorry, doc! This was just a joke though. You guys are our heroes and kudos to you people. 

Some Sweet Fruits Are Discussed In Details Below:

3. Watery Fruits For Pugs:

What about watery fruits? Oh, I am sure you guys love them. Watery fruits like sweet melon, watermelon, etc. are the most commonly consumed fruits and the best choice to fight off heat waves. However, when it comes to feeding it to your pug you need to be extremely careful. 

The seeds of the watermelon (yeah those tiny little seeds) can cause a lot of harm to your dog. They can block the intestine of your doggo and can put his/her life at risk. Thus you need to remove them first before feeding them to your dog. 

All in all watery fruits are good for pugs because they are free from cholesterol and contain essential vitamins like vitamin C, B6, etc. 

Some Wartey Fruits Are Discussed In Details Below:


4. Hard Or Dried Fruits For Pugs:

Finally, let’s talk about hard or dried fruits. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that dried fruits are the most nutritious fruits out there. You might have never heard about anyone feeding their dogs some dried fruits. 

It may look too bizarre right? Well, it is but surprisingly these fruits contain a lot of essential items such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, good fats, and proteins which help build your dog’s muscles, heal injuries and boost their metabolism. 

Some Hard And Dried Fruits Are Discussed In Details Below:

Types Of Fruits That You Should Or Shouldn’t Feed To Your Pug:

Now that you have learned about different groups of fruits that you can feed your puggo you might also want to know about some that you shouldn’t feed them. This is because a lot of these fruits contain harmful components which increase the health risks in dogs. 

In this section, we will go through different types of fruits and will learn whether they are good for pugs or not. We will also see if pugs love to eat them or not.

1. Can Pugs Eat Bananas?

Yes, bananas are quite healthy as it contains a high amount of potassium which is good for your dog’s bones and overall well-being. Apart from that, bananas are also rich in biotin, fiber, and copper. 

On top of that, bananas are one of those fruit items that contain less amount of fats, cholesterol, and sodium which makes it one of the best fruits for your dog. 

However, you need to be careful when feeding it to your dog. This is because bananas contain a higher amount of sugar content. Thus you need to give it as a treat or snack instead of a meal. 

📝 Notes:
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2. Can Pugs Eat Strawberries?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Pugs can eat strawberries and strawberries are actually good for their health when fed in moderation. This is because strawberry contains fiber and vitamin C which is necessary for your dog’s muscles. 

In addition to this, it also contains an enzyme that helps improves your pug’s dental health and makes its teeth stronger and glowing white. However, again the presence of sugar makes them not a good choice as a meal. 

3. Can Pugs Eat Apples?

Yes, pugs can eat apples. As mentioned earlier, apples are among the sweet fruits that are highly rich in fibers, minerals, and essential components such as vitamins A and C. All these components make it an amazing option for pups and grown-up doggos. 

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Pugs can’t eat apple leaves because they usually contain pesticides and can make dogs really sick. 

4. Can Pugs Eat Green Apples?

Ah! Green apples! 

They are sour in taste as compared to red apples. Thus it might cause controversy between sweet and sour fruits. This is because a lot of sour fruits contain citric acid. But the green apple, on the other hand, is safe for your pug. 

However, you need to feed it to your dog in moderation otherwise, it can make your dog’s stomach upset and can cause problems like diarrhea.

5. Can Pugs Eat Pineapple?

The answer to this question is yes, pugs can easily eat raw pineapples but in small quantities. It can be an excellent snack for dogs. However, when it comes to canned pineapples, they are not a very good choice for pugs and pups. 

This is because these type of pineapples usually contains added flavors and preservatives which are not suitable for dogs. They can give rise to health issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. 

6. Can Pugs Eat Mango?

Remember the first portion of the article? I just told you dogs can’t eat mangoes right? Yes, that is still true but there are some exceptions. At first, when I said dogs can’t eat mangoes it was whole mangoes because it contains a pit. 

The pit of the mango can create a messy situation if consumed by the dog. However, if it is fully ripped and cleaned with care then pugs can eat it easily. 

7. Can Pugs Eat Watermelon?

Yes, pugs can easily eat watermelons provided that they are cleaned properly from the added seeds.

8. Can Pugs Eat Grapes?

Nope! Grapes are not healthy for dogs and especially pugs because they contain acids that raise health issues. 

9. Can Pugs Eat Coconut?

Yes, coconuts don’t contain any toxins for dogs and are completely safe for pugs to consume. However, just like other fruits, you will need to make sure it is cleaned properly. 

10. Can Pugs Eat Carrots?

Of course, they can! Carrots are one of the healthiest fruit items that pugs love to eat and they are quite nutritious. Carrots are the best natural supplements for vision and eyesight. Apart from that, they don’t contain any fats or cholesterol which means there are no obesity problems. Whenever your pug is hungry you can simply feed him or her carrots to munch on for a while until it is lunch or dinner time. 

11. Can Pugs Eat Dates?

Dates are very healthy fruits that are punched with all nutrients and no toxins. Dogs, especially pugs, are quite amazing fruits however, you will need to remove the pits of the date first. This is because it can stuck in their throats and can cause huge problems sometimes. 

12. Can Pugs Eat Cranberries?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, You can feed your pug cranberries in moderation. Cranberries are good for small dogs because they are free from toxins and stuff that are harmful to the overall dog’s health. 

However, feeding too many cranberries can cause digestive issues so keep this in mind while making snacks for your pug. 

13. Can Pugs Eat Fruit Cake?

The answer is no! You shouldn’t feed your dog fruit cake because of different reasons. The first and most important one is the presence of raisins in the cake which are harmful to dogs.

Apart from that, fruitcakes usually contain dairy products which sometimes cause diarrhea and other such diseases. 

14. Can Pugs Eat Guava?

Yes, pugs can easily eat guava however, sometimes it has a strong aroma that may not feel good to your dog. This is because dogs have a strong sense of smell and due to the strong aroma of the guava your dog will start getting annoyed by it.

Thus you need to feed it to your pug in moderation otherwise you can mix it with other fruits too!

15. Can Pugs Eat Kiwifruit?

One of the most common questions that pug moms usually ask on different forums is whether they can feed their pugs kiwifruit or not.

The answer to this question is yes. Kiwifruits are free from harmful ingredients and thus making them perfectly fine for pugs and other small dog breeds.

However, it should be kept in mind that the skin and the seeds of kiwifruit must be removed before it is fed to pugs. 

16. Can Pugs Eat Lemons?

What about lemons? We all love lemons especially when it is squeezed on top of a fish right? But is lemon harmful to pugs? Can they eat it without any issues?

Yes, Lemons are not healthy for pugs and you should always avoid feeding them lemons. This is because lemon contains citric acid which upsets the dog’s stomach. 

17. Can Pugs Eat Lychee?

Lychee contains seeds and skin which are not good for your pug’s health. However, after removing the skin and the pit inside the lychee it is perfectly edible for your pug. Thus you will need to be careful if feeding lychee to your pug.

In addition to the skin and the seed, you should also make sure to avoid feeding unripe lychee to your pug because they are highly toxic to them.

18. Can Pugs Eat Oranges?

No, as mentioned earlier, oranges contain citric acid. Although it has a higher amount of vitamin C it is still not safe for the pugs to eat oranges because of their sensitivity to citric acids. Thus you should always avoid feeding them.

You can, however, feed them in very small quantities if you still wish to prepare some kind of salad for them or something. 

19. Can Pugs Eat Peaches?

Peach is not safe for pugs because they contain hard pits. Inside the pit, there is a very highly toxic element called cyanide which can even kill your dog. Thus you shouldn’t feed peaches to your dog at all.

However, if you remove the pit and the skin of the peach and cut it up into small pieces then it is perfectly fine for them to eat. 

20. Can Pugs Eat Pears?

Pears are rich in vitamins C, A, and fibers which makes them quite healthy for not only humans but also for dogs and especially pugs.

Thus you should feed them occasionally. However, dogs are carnivores thus you should avoid feeding them too much fruit and make sure to keep a balanced diet. 

21. Can Pugs Eat Pomegranates?

Pomegranates are quite delicious and one of the best fruits on the earth.

However, unfortunately, they are not suitable for dogs and especially pugs thus you should avoid feeding them to them.

The skin of the pomegranates can cause gastrointestinal distress and can cause gas troubles for your dogs. 

22. Can Pugs Eat Raspberries?

Another amazing fruit item contains antioxidants that are super for dogs however, you should give them in moderation. It is excellent for senior dogs due to its inflammatory properties which allow it to relieve joint pain and other bone-related issues. 

Some Favorit Foods Of Pug Puppies:

Here we have gathered a lot of pug’s favorite foods, in this linked article. You can check it for details. But for quick info the name of pug’s favorite foods are the following:

  • Dry dog foods; that usually contain a high source of protein like chicken, beef or meat, etc.
  • Wet dog foods; are usually formulated foods like the packed ones. These are their favorite, but you shouldn’t feed them in excess, because it contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Homemade foods; prepared with chicken, chicken liver, beef and served with rice, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What fruits and vegetables are good for pugs?

Fruits and veggies that are free from harmful ingredients such as oxalic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, etc are not good for dogs and should be avoided at all costs.

Is Banana OK for pugs?

Yup! Banana is safe for pugs provided that it is fed in small portions. It is because the fruit contains a higher amount of sugar which can raise obesity-related issues. 

What should a pug eat in a day?

A pug should eat a balanced diet that contains all the necessary ingredients. However, being carnivores their stomachs are designed for foods that are highly rich in proteins. 

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