What Do Pugs Like To Eat? Ultimate Dietary Guide [2023]

Hey, there! Do you own a pug? Are you concerned about its diet? Want to know what pugs like to eat? 

You don’t need to worry because we got you covered. 

This article is a complete bible that contains all the secrets to a pug’s diet. 

You can find almost everything from the required amount of nutrition to the things that pugs love and hate to at as food. 

Sounds interesting so far? 

There’s a lot more to uncover so what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee because you are about to plunge deep into the world of awesomeness about What Do Pugs Like To Eat

We will start with the basics first. 

What Are You Feeding Them Now? Some Common Foods:

Just like all other pug moms and dads, there is a higher chance of you feeding your dog one of the below-mentioned food items:

1. Meat – (Beef, Pork, And Mutton).

It is a custom around people that dogs are carnivores. There is nothing wrong with that and we absolutely agree with this statement. Being carnivores they love to eat meat and meat-related items which are their nature too. 

However, just because your puggy love meat doesn’t mean you should feed it all the time. You have to be very cautious especially when the little goofball is younger. It is because feeding too much meat means focusing on one of the building blocks of life and ignoring all others.

Feeding them Just Raw meat in excess can actually cause some health problems in Pugs. Check The Details Below

In addition to this, it has also been found that dogs who are fed meat only become aggressive and can attack people, kids, or other animals in their surroundings sometimes.

Yes! Your pug might seem like a little sweety but you shouldn’t underestimate the damage he or she can do. 

2. Fish – Highest Source Of Protein And Omega3 Fatty Acid.

Another thing that people feed their lovely pets (pugs) is fish. Though we have seen during our research that not all dogs like to earth fish with so much passion. 

However, they do eat it and if you feed them regularly they will eventually develop its taste. 

Fish is one of the most nutritious food items in the whole food chain! But for human beings!

Since dogs are not humans, therefore, they will get negative effects from the fish that you feed them regularly. 

Especially you need to be extremely careful when feeding your doggo raw fish. It is housed with billions of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that will destroy its health in a few days. 

3. Milk – Dairy Products.

Another common food item that people feed their cats and dogs is milk. While milk contains essential elements excess of it can turn bad for your furry friend.

Most dogs are lactose intolerants which means they have difficulty when it comes to digesting milk

Apart from that, there are some breeds of dogs that can’t drink milk easily but on the other hand they can easily eat other dairy products which include cheese, plain yogurt, etc.

If your dog is intolerant to lactose then it can cause harmful effects and as a result, your pet puggy can get seriously ill.  

What Foods Do Pugs Like To Eat?

Ok, so that was all about what mostly pug moms and dads feed their children. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the food items that pugs love to eat. 

We have compiled a list of such items that we would like to share with you:

1. Dry Dog Food.

The first thing that we noticed during our research was dry dog food which is one of the most commonly consumed items.

Pugs can feed and live on formulated dog foods and luckily there are thousands of brands available. 

This helps in saving time and gives you the freedom to choose whatever you like and is available. Apart from that, these food items contain a real source of protein which is usually chicken, beef, or lamb. 

The best part is that these food items are completely safe for dogs as compared to feeding raw poultry and meat. Trust me pugs love munching on these crispy crackers as their main meals and snacks. 

However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should avoid feeding them foods that are formulated for larger breeds. This is because of the difference in their metabolism rates. 

2. Wet Dog Foods.

In contrast to dry dog food items, there are several wet food formulas available on the market. Pugs love them too.

However, as a pet owner, you are advised to be extremely careful whenever you are feeding your pug wet dog food. 

This is because such items contain extra calories and fats. Eating too much fat and consuming more than the required amount of calories will affect your doggo’s health negatively. Apart from that, pugs are likely to gain weight so easily. 

Therefore you need to keep this in mind and be very careful because obesity also results in a variety of diseases. 

3. Homemade Dog Foods.

While there are so many dog food brands it doesn’t mean pet dogs don’t eat or like to eat healthy and homemade meals.

Pugs love when their moms and dads cook for them and prepare their favorite meals. Pooja Taki (dog lover and a pug mom since 2020) shared her story on Quora and mentioned that she cooks chicken liver separately and then mixes it with steamed rice. Her pug loves this as her meal and they both are happy together. 

This is just one story and there are so many others which means dogs love homemade recipes too. But as mentioned quite a few times now you need to be extremely careful when feeding them homemade items. 

There are certain ingredients that are not good for dogs and more specifically for little pugs. 

Foods That Pugs Can Eat Or Not:

Pug puppy saying, diet starts next weak

If you are still reading you might have noticed, we used the word “Pugs can’t eat” and “harmful” a few times above. 

When we say it we really mean it therefore, you need to learn about it. Certain food items are mentioned below; even if your pug likes to eat, you should avoid feeding them. This is because of the risk of health issues. 

In this section, we will shed some light on some of the most common types of food items that we noticed most people want to feed their dogs:

1. Can Pugs Eat Fruits?

As human beings, we enjoy different kinds of fruits. But what about pugs? Do they eat fruits too? Is it good for their health?

✔ Research:
Here we have done in-depth research that Which Type Of Fruits Are Good For Pugs And How To Feed Them. So if you want to feed them fruits, then must check this article please, this will educate you in real-time.

According to American Kennel Club, pugs can eat different types of fruits. However, you need to feed them carefully. Below is a list of some of the most common types of fruits that you should or shouldn’t feed your pug:

Fruits Can Pugs Eat?Why?
Apples YesRich in Vitamins A and C as well as fibers.
Avocados No It contains persin which is toxic for dogs.
Bananas YesRich in potassium, vitamins, biotin, fiber, and copper.
Blueberries YesBecause they are rich in antioxidants and contain fibers and phytochemicals.
CantaloupeYesFull of nutrients, low in calories, and an excellent source of water and fiber.
CherriesNoContains a higher amount of cyanide and can kill your dog.
CranberriesYesContains all organic nutrients.
CucumbersYesGood for weight loss and contains no carbs, fats, or oils, and helps to boost energy levels. Also loaded with vitamins K, C, and B1.
GrapesNoContains toxins and can cause acute sudden kidney failure.

2. What About Pugs Eating Veggies?

After fruits the next common thing that humans eat is veggies. A lot of pet owners would also like to feed their dogs different types of veggies. But the main question here is whether a dog or to be more specific your pug can eat veggies or not.

The answer to this question is yes, they can. However, just like fruits, there are certain veggies mentioned below, that you should avoid feeding your puggoo. It is because these veggies contain some harmful components that will either make him or her sick or even kill him:

Here is a list of different types of veggies a pug can or can’t eat:

VeggiesCan Pug Eat?Why?
AsparagusNo To tough to be eaten raw and becomes too soft for dogs to eat when cooked.
Broccoli YesWhen provided in small amounts it contains high fibers and vitamin C along with low fats. 
Brussels SproutsYesFull of nutrients and antioxidants; however, overfeeding can cause gas troubles.
CarrotsYesContains low calories and high fiber along with beta-carotene which provides vitamin A.
Celery YesContains vitamins A, B, and C along with high-quality nutrients that help fight heart diseases.
Green Beans Yes Contains important vitamins and minerals and has low calories with a high amount of fiber.
Mushrooms NoFungi can cause different digestive problems in dogs.
Onions NoPoisonous to pets and can cause red blood cells to rupture along with vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea.
PeasYesContains multiple vitamins, and minerals, and is rich in high fiber and proteins. 
SpinachYesWhen provided in small portions pugs can actually love it.

3. Is Raw Meat Good For Pugs?

No doubt meat is an excellent source of high protein but it isn’t good for your pug’s health when it is raw. 

You might be wondering why because normally animals eat it raw and they don’t have problems with that!

Well, pet animals are slightly different because their metabolism has evolved and they are susceptible to various types of diseases linked to raw meat. 

The main problem with raw meat is that it contains a lot of bacteria which can result in damaging your dog’s health. It can result in vomiting, diarrhea, or even killing your little furry friend. 

Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry and avoid feeding your pug raw meat. Make sure to at least boil it first in order to kill the germs and bacteria before giving it to him. 

4. Can Pugs Eat Fried Chicken And Other Fries?

What about fried chicken, fries, and fritters? Well, that’s a good question and the answer to this question is both yes and no.

When it comes to fried chicken, the food itself is rich in proteins and can be a good source of high nutrients. You can feed them sometimes, but if you’re already feeding fired chickens to them in routine and in excess. Then please read the research below:

However, after frying in cooking oil, it can become quite dangerous and unhealthy. The higher amount of cholesterol in fried chicken is the main cause of inflammation in the pancreas and causes organs to produce enzymes that damage the dog’s intestine.

Sounds scary right? Well, that’s probably why you should avoid let alone chicken but all kinds of fried stuff.

5. Can Pugs Eat Hot Or Citrus Foods?

Nope! Citrus foods such as lemons, oranges, lime, and all other items that contain citric acids are a big no-no for pugs.

This is because the citric acid inside the food substances causes the pet’s stomach to become really upset. 

In addition to this, it also causes digestive problems and can give your puppy diarrhea. This can lead to weakness and even result in the death of your dog.

Now think for a second! Would you like to see your furry friend die in front of you because you wanted to feed him a few slices of lemon?

6. Can Pugs Eat Eggs And Fish?

When it comes to fish and eggs there are different thoughts.

Some pet owners think feeding fish to a dog is completely normal. While others say it can disturb the doggo’s stomach. Keeping these two views in mind we did thorough research and consulted the most expert Vet here, and then came up with some interesting findings, stated below:

A properly cooked fish contains a rich amount of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which have so many benefits one can even think of. The first thing is that it helps your dog to stay healthy. Besides that, it helps in healing wounds and allows your little puggy to grow taller and stronger. But as I mentioned above in the article, you should apply a big cross to your habit of feeding them Raw Fish.

📝 Note:
You should alsways properly cook fishes for your Pug or any dog. 
If you can't cook it for them, then at least make it fully frozen for them before serving.

In addition to this, eggs are another perfect source of natural proteins, vitamins, and minerals along with omega-3 fatty acids. They are preferred to be properly cooked too.

7. Can Pugs Eat Human Food?

Nope! A pug can’t eat human food because it contains a large amount of fat and cholesterol which is not good for them. It causes obesity and can raise heart diseases along with cancer and inflammation. 

This is because a dog has a very different digestive system than human beings which means things that we eat and enjoy might not be as good for your dog. As mentioned earlier, we eat chocolates, grapes, avocados, and raisins all these things are toxic for them. 

Yes, there might be some foods that can be healthy for pugs too; because we humans eat every kind of junk, to be honest, but please ask your vet or message us before you plan to feed them.

Best Dog Foods For Pugs:

There are so many variables to look for when it comes to taking care of your puggo. These include its living space, it’s clothing, decor, toys, and on top of that food. While all the other things are necessary they don’t involve as much health risk as food alone does! 

Therefore, you have to be picky when it comes to feeding your little furry guy. Let’s take a look at some of the best dog foods for pugs that you can get and use without worrying about any harmful effects:

1. Canidae Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe – Best Kibble Or Dry Foods For Pugs.

Canidae Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe - Best Kibble Or Dry Foods For Pugs

If you are looking for the best dry dog food for your pug then this is by far one of the top-notch recipes we have ever seen on the market. With more than 2k reviews it comes packed with all the necessary ingredients that will not only help feed your dog but will also help him stay healthy. 

The best thing about this recipe is that it contains all-natural ingredients so there is no risk factor involved. For example, real salmon as a first ingredient makes it a big yes when it comes to looking for a quality protein source. 

2. Purina Beneful Incredibites – Best Wet Foods For Pugs.

Purina Beneful Incredibites - Best Wet Foods For Pugs

As mentioned earlier, wet food is something that you need to be careful about when it comes to giving it to your pugs. However, Purina worrying about such things is so out of the league now. 

There are so many things that make it the perfect fit for all breeds. For example, the food comes like a punch full of protein which is good for the dog’s muscles. Besides that, it contains small tender bites that are perfect for small mouths meaning it is good for pugs. 

3. Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food – Best Caned Or Packed Foods For Pugs.

Hill's Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food - Best Caned Or Packed Foods For Pugs

Speaking of canned food for dogs, if you are one of those dog parents that don’t have time to prepare food for their furry little kids then Hill’s science diet canned food is the best option. It features breakthrough weight management dog food clinically provide for adult canines. 

They can boast about 70% of dogs lost weight within 10 weeks after using this food. Thus, if your little fur ball is chubby (sorry we aren’t body shaming our cutos), we highly recommend using this food package. 

4. Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food – Best Raw Foods For Pugs.

Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food - Best Raw Foods For Pugs

Although we are not fans of raw food due to its smell and the problems associated with raw food. However, the Instinct raw boos natural dry dog food is something worth giving a try for your pug. It is one of the best items on the market that features all-nutrient raw food. 

The best thing is that this food is 100% free from added bacteria and germs, meaning that you can feed it to all kinds of dogs without any issue whatsoever. On top of that this food is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs which means you are killing two birds with one stone. 

5. Victor Super – Best Foods for Pregnant or Nursing Pug and Puppies. 

Victor Super - Best Foods for Pregnant or Nursing Pug and Puppies

Last but not least if your pug is pregnant or it is nursing its babies then you need to be very careful about it. It is because even if the mother has evolved stomach the babies are not that prepared for complex food substances and they need something easy to digest. 

For that purpose, we highly recommend using the victor super nursing food which is one of the best formulas out there. It consists of 38% protein dog food which makes it a perfect choice for nursing and pregnant pugs. 

There are so many things that simply can’t be mentioned here in this single article. However, we may review it in our victor super pregnant pug feed review someday.

Foods That You Should Avoid Feeding To Pugs:

Now that we have talked about different things there is still one thing missing. The key element to this topic is the food items that you need to avoid feeding your pugs.

There are actually foods that might cause allergies in pugs and you know how bad it can be. 

Though we have already mentioned some of the fruits and veggies above that you should avoid feeding your doggo, therefore, we won’t bore you out by repeating the same stuff over and over again. 

For the sake of information, you should avoid giving your pug items that contain citric acid and oxalic acid. This is because acids can disturb the digestive systems of dogs and can trigger different types of allergies. 

How Much To Feed A Pug (Feeding Them Properly)

Another common question that most first times a.k.a beginners ask is how much should you feed a pug.

The following pug feeding chart provides a snippet of the number of calories and nutrients that you need to feed pugs of different ages:

Age Quantity (Cups)KCal Per DayProtein Fats
2 – 3 Months 0.25 50 – 130 30%10%
3 – 6 Months 0.33 130 – 250 30% 10%
6 – 12 Months0.75250 – 300 25%10%

How To Feed Pugs The Right Way

Feeding your pug can be a cute and lively experience. These little goofballs just run toward their food bowls whenever they are hungry and wiggle their tails. 

Proper feeding is necessary to maintain their health as well as keep them happy with their diet. This section provides a detailed method of how to feed your pug the right way:

Step 1: Select the Right food for your pug. It shouldn’t be a problem now because we have already discussed quite in detail what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Step 2: Choose the right bowl for your dog according to its age. If the dog is small make sure to get a bow that is neither too deep nor too shallow. The goal is to let your dog eat from the bow without spilling the food on the floor. 

Step 3: Choose a specific time to feed your dog. This will help tame him or about the times of day he or she can eat and play. It is very necessary to train your dog about food timing. 

Step 4: Associate dinner time with a sound or something. This will help develop a sensation that if a certain bell rang it means it is time for lunch or dinner or whatever the time may be.

How I Met Carla The Pug (My Pug’s Story)

About 4 years from now, on one cold snowy evening I was coming back to my home and I heard a little puppy shivering with cold. I took some time and observed it and was waiting for someone thinking maybe someone is owning it as a pet. 

However, after waiting for half an hour, I noticed that no one was coming for it so I went near it and gently pat it on its head. The poor pup was so cold it wasn’t even able to react properly. I examined it carefully and checked for tags or something to confirm it wasn’t a stray pet. 

After properly assuring that the puppy was a feral one I wrapped my muffler around it and picked it up and went straight to the nearest vet office. Dr. Diana was on duty and she carefully examined the young pug luckily there weren’t any serious issues. 

I finally adopted it and welcomed it to my home. It is quite a friendly pug, I must say, as it quickly bonded with me. Time flies and it grew up to be a female pug and it started to hang out with a male puggo from the neighborhood. Eventually, the day came when my “Carla” got pregnant and she gave birth to 4 babies. Two of them died while 2 are alive. 

During my entire time, we feed Carla Canidae Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe and she seems to love it. While for the puppies, Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dry Dog Food is quite healthy and rich in all necessary ingredients. 

We didn’t have a dog house before until Carla became a mother of 2 kids. Only after then, we brought her a new house and she spend a happy and healthy life with her kids. I am so lucky that I found her.


What is a pug’s favorite thing to do?

Pugs love to wiggle their tail and purr while munching on their favorite food. Besides that their favorite thing is to play with their toys. They are quite playful and energetic therefore, you will need to spend a good amount of time with them. 

Do Pugs recognize their owners?

Of course, they do! Dogs are one of the most intelligent and loyal creatures who bond with their parents and owners for almost a lifetime. Thus a pug, being a dog, can easily recognize its owners by the sense of smell as well as their voice. 

What do Pugs not like?

Pugs are so cute and playful. They are quite energetic and love to play all day long. However, they don’t like when it is raining in torrents. This is probably because they can’t go outside and play with their toys and their owners. 

Why do Pugs stare at you?

Unlike cats when dogs, specifically pugs, stare at you it means it is trying to develop their bond or want to understand you. Under such conditions, you have to stay calm during such situations and you will see the dog will eventually come near you and try to sniff your hands. 

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