Is Diamond Dog Food Good for Pitbulls? Nutritional Facts In 2023

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Selecting the right dog food can be daunting for most dog parents. Especially when your furry friend is on a special diet, things can get pretty cumbersome. So many dog feeds are available on the market, and the Diamond is one of them. 

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However, you shouldn’t worry at all because, in this article, we are going to talk about one thing i.e. Is Diamond Dog Food Good For Pitbulls? Apart from that, we will also talk about some of the best dog food for pitbulls that the company offers. 

What’s even more? I will tell you how the food compares with other options on the market and what it has in common with homemade recipes. 

If that sounds interesting enough to you then keep on reading! Because here we have covered a lot of things about Pitbulls.

Is Diamond Dog Food Good For Pitbulls? Deep Analysis:

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First of all, you need to know if the diamond dog food is good for pitbulls or not. 

This is because most dogs are usually on diet and if something goes wrong it can turn the situation into a pretty messy one. 

Fortunately, that is not the case with the Diamond brand. The company offers many types of food for dog breeds, almost all suitable for pitbulls. 

The main reason behind this is that diamond uses 100% natural ingredients when preparing their formulas which have the right portion of all necessary nutrients.

This makes it 100% safe for, let alone pitbulls, but also for a vast majority of dogs. Furthermore, as we move on we will explore how this particular food brand is killing it on the market. 

What Makes Diamond Dog Food the Best Option?

Still not sure about the diamond dog food? Do you want to know more information about it? Don’t worry! 

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In this section, we will learn about what makes Diamond one of the best dog food for pitbulls by taking a closer look at all the ingredients that are used in the food. Apart from that, we will also mention the top choice that we have been using since the beginning of the Covid-19 breakout.

But first things first! Let’s look at the pros of Diamond dog food.

1. Rich Amount of Proteins.

What Makes Diamond Dog Food the Best Option edited
There is about 32% protein in this Diamond Naturals food, according to their official page and some trustworthy sources.

The first thing that distinguishes the Diamond dog food from others is the rich amount of proteins. Pit bulls have a stronger and bulkier body type which means these dogs need a high amount of proteins on daily basis to maintain their physique like my (larry). 

Whether you have a puppy or a fully grown-up boy you need to make sure his food contains the required portion of proteins otherwise it may lead to health issues. However, when it comes to Diamond pitbulls food the company makes sure that they are putting out their best shot on the market. 

According to sources like Chewy and Petcarerx, a typical formula of Diamond dry dog food contains around 32% of proteins. This means if you are looking for high-protein dog food for pitbulls Diamond should be one of the options on your list.

2. Fat Content.

Whoa…! Fats? 

Yes! fats! 

Although it is considered harmful to both humans and animals. Still, a good amount of fats are required by the body to keep up its functioning. Good fats are one of the essential building blocks of life that helps the body maintain its energy and growth. 

However, you should avoid complex fatty food because it is not healthy for your dog as it can lead to issues like heart disease and obesity. Now, this might lead to a confusing situation but worry not as Diamond food has got you covered. 

According to diamond pet, their food contains around 19% of good fats which makes it healthy and completely safe for dogs. 

3. Carbohydrates.

The next thing that makes the Diamond pet foods stand out from the whole crowd is the higher amount of Carbs. Pitbulls are some of the most active and energetic breeds which means they need a good amount of nutrition every day. 

Among these nutrients, carbohydrates are the essential food components that help your furry friends stay energetic all the time. Although an excessive amount of carbs is not good still if it is in an adequate portion it works best. 

Now speaking of the high amount of energy and carbs, the Diamond pet foods nail it squarely on the head. Some of their products boast around 47% carbs which is quite a healthy amount for strong dogs. 

Here is a quick review and nutritional facts video from a dog food vendor. Thanks to Cleaver Farm & Home.

Top Diamond Dog Food Brands:

Now that you have learned about the diamond dog food and whether it is a good option for pitbulls or not you might be interested in finding some of the top recommended options. 

Luckily you don’t need to dig deep and spend a lot of time researching the products because I have already done all the necessary research for you.


Diamond Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food with Wild Caught Salmon 30 Pound
  • The high-quality protein is made with wild-caught salmon and zero grains.
  • Designed for all life stages, with an optimal amino acid profile for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES.
  • Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals.
  • MADE in the USA choosing ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world.
  • No corn, wheat, or filler; NO ARTIFICIAL flavors, colors, or preservatives added.
Diamond Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe

According to my research and analysis, the diamond naturals dog food for pitbulls is a top-notch and must-go product on the market.

If you are on a tight budget or don’t know what kind of food you should feed to your pitbull then this should be your first choice. 


There are a few strong points that make this food formula stand out from the crowd. The first and most important thing about Diamond naturals is their high nutritional value. The company does its best to keep and maintain a high level of proteins, vitamins, and essential fats.

All this can be achieved only from natural ingredients because added chemicals can also increase the risk of side effects. Keeping this in mind the company uses high-quality and natural salmon. Apart from that, it has an optimal amino acid profile that makes it perfect for dogs of all ages. 

You can further check out reviews and information about the Diamond natural dog food right here

Pitbull Feeding And Training Guides:

Diamond Dog Food vs Homemade Recipes

Another thing that you would want to confirm is how the Diamond Dog food compares with the homemade recipes that most people make for their dogs. 

I had the same question because I am quite curious and picky when it comes to choosing my dog food. However, after checking all the ingredients, I was convinced because it contains everything that a healthy dog’s diet should have. 

For instance, the Diamond Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe was my Puppy’s favorite because of the Salmon and potato ingredients. However, my other dog (larry) loves the Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food (diamond can dog food). The main reason behind this is that Larry is fond of chicken and she loves everything which has chicken in it. 

Apart from that, both of the above-mentioned Diamond pitbull food has a good amount of all nutrition which makes them the perfect choice. However, I would recommend combining it with other meals because feeding the same food over and over again may bore your dog out. 

Diamond Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo Dog Food

As I mentioned earlier, I am quite picky when it comes to choosing the right type of ingredients for my dog because my dogs are always on a specific diet. 

Blue Buffalo dog food
This is the Blue Buffalo dog food, which is one of the most popular ones on Amazon.

To confirm this, I had to compare the formula with my dog’s all-time favorite formula (one of the most popular on Amazon) the Blue Buffalo dog food

Let me share my findings with you so that you can have a better idea of how the two food items compare to each other. Apart from that, it will also give you a clear indication of whether the diamond dog food can be a good option or not. 

First of all, the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a real meat-based dog food that comes packed with all of the necessary key ingredients. The company’s main focus has always been protein and a proper diet for stronger doggies like Pitbulls and others. This is why they have added real chicken to fulfill the high protein requirement. 

However, in addition to real chicken meat, the food also contains a good amount of garden-grown veggies and fruits that are completely safe for your dog. Apart from that, it has a good amount of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which makes it the right option for active and energetic dogs.

While on the other hand, Diamond Naturals’ canned chicken dog food also features similar ingredients.

There may be a slight bit of changes but overall both of them show resemblance in quality, quantity, and results. The Diamond dog food has three additional ingredients that my dog love. These ingredients are cranberries, blueberries, and pumpkins. 

Last Minute Thoughts!

Diamond dog food is the best food for pitbulls, as it meets all of their nutritional requirements. Pitbulls have specific nutritional needs that must be met to maintain their health and well-being, including a high protein diet, and Diamond dog food provides this.

Diamond dog food uses high-quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly and made using state-of-the-art facilities. The company has a reputation for producing premium dog food that is not only tasty but also packed with essential nutrients that pitbulls need to stay healthy and happy.

Pitbulls are a muscular breed that requires a diet rich in protein, and Diamond dog food provides this in abundance. The food contains high-quality animal protein from sources such as chicken, beef, and fish, which helps to build and maintain muscle mass.

Diamond dog food also contains a balanced blend of carbohydrates, fats, and fiber, which help to provide energy, support digestion, and maintain a healthy weight. The food is also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium, which help to support strong bones and teeth.

Overall, Diamond dog food is one of the high-protein dog food for pitbulls dog owners are looking for high-quality dog food that meets all of their pet’s nutritional requirements. 

With its high protein content, balanced blend of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, Diamond dog food can help to keep your pitbull healthy, happy, and full of energy.


Q. What Is the Best Food to Feed a Pitbull?

A. A well-balanced diet consists of a mixture of foods and nutrients. These include grains, meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats. The quality of the food matters more than the quantity of food. If your dog doesn’t like certain types of food, he may not eat much of it.

Q. Is Diamond Pro89 Good for Pitbulls?

A. In order to know if your dog can eat a particular food, it helps to understand what human food is. This section provides you with information about foods that dogs can eat, foods they can’t eat, and foods that limit their consumption.

Q. What Pitbulls Should Not Eat?

A. There are a few highly recommended foods for Pitbulls, but they aren’t going to taste the same. They differ in their ingredients, so they may or may not suit the same needs. Orijen Adult Dog Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Taste of the Wild Wetlands Dry Dog Food, and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food are some of the highly recommended foods for Pitbulls.

Q. What Do You Feed a Pitbull Dog?

A. Be wary of these carbohydrates: brown rice, oats, and barley. Although these grains aren’t known to be problematic for most dogs, some breeds can experience bloating, diarrhea and other health problems if fed a diet of corn, wheat, and soy.

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