How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Dog Taxidermy in 2022

Taxidermy may seem like a very expensive art, but it depends on how you want your pet to be displayed. In this post, we will look at how much does it cost to get your dog taxidermy and how much does it cost for you to have your pets displayed in a better way. This is an ideal post for pet owners who want to learn about taxidermy and its costs of it.

The short answer is that there is no set price and you should expect to pay between $750 to $1500. The cost for dog taxidermy services can vary depending on your pet’s size and the level of detail that you would like to incorporate into their stuffed version. While depending on the weight (size) of your dog it can cost you between a minimum of $500 to $2000 if the dog’s weight is less than 20lbs (pounds).

In this article, we will cover what is taxidermy? how taxidermy is processed? how much does it cost to get your dog taxidermy? and how do you clean taxidermy animals? Let’s take a look these, one by one:

What is Taxidermy? And What Is Its Process?

We understand how difficult it is to lose a pet, if you’ve recently lost your pooch, we know that you are facing a hard time. We hope this article will help you in making the decision of whether or not to get your pet taxidermy.

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Taxidermy is a great way to preserve animals for adding extra special flair or just making use of them as décor for your shop or home. Sometimes it can be useful too, such as preservation of extinct species’ appearances to study later on like with their skin and bones etc. There are several different species available too like insects, fish, reptiles, and the list goes on!

Process Of Taxidermy

To get taxidermied, the dead animals need to go through three major phases which are as follows:

Preparation Phase

The animal’s body is preserved and prepared for mounting. This usually involves removing the internal organs and treating the skin to prevent decomposition.

Mounting Phase

The preserved animal is then mounted on a display. To mount the taxidermy they chose from a wide range of materials including metal, wood, or resin.

Finishing Phase

After the mount is finished, any additional finishing touches, such as painting or feathers, are added. This step can vary depending on the desired look of the finished product.

The expense of canine taxidermy is determined by the size of your dog and the number of intricate details you want. For example, if you want a lifelike replica of your pet, it will cost more than a simple mount.

If you are considering having your dog taxidermied, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your decision. Let’s take a look at these!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Dog Taxidermy?

Taxidermy is also considered an art and in this art, the animal’s skin is removed, and then it is tanned. After that, the skin is stretched over a mold of the animal’s body and sewn shut. The eyes, whiskers, and other features are added to give it a lifelike appearance. Taxidermists use different methods to achieve this final product which can take many hours to complete.

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Size And Weight

The most significant consideration in calculating taxidermy pricing is the size and weight of your pet. A small dog will be less expensive to mount than a large dog. Larger animals will cost more because they require more materials. Smaller animals can be done for less because they require less material.

Pose Of Taxidermy

The cost of taxidermy also depends on the animal’s pose. For example, a standing dog will be more expensive than a sleeping dog because it takes more time to perfect the stance. Similarly, a dog with its head turned to the side will cost more than a dog with its head looking straight ahead.

Level Of Details

The level of detail is another factor that affects the cost of dog taxidermy. If you want a very detailed and lifelike mount, it will cost more than a basic mount.  If you want your pet’s fur to be brushed and styled, or if you want it to be made from a specific material, the cost will be higher.

Location Of Taxidermist

The location of the taxidermist also affects the cost of dog taxidermy. If you live in a small town, the cost will be lower than if you live in a big city. This is because taxidermists in big cities have higher overhead costs.

Now you know how much it would cost to get your dog taxidermy. The next thing you should know is about the maintenance of taxidermy, i.e how do you clean taxidermy animals?

How Do You Clean Taxidermy Animals?

Cleaning taxidermy animals is not that much difficult as you might think. The solution of mild soap and water can do the job in most cases. You can also use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust, or to get stubborn stains off of the animal itself.

If you want to clean the glass eyes, simply dip the head back in water using your hands and then gently wash away any dirt that may still be on it. If you are finding it difficult to clean the dirt on taxidermy then you can also use a vinegar and water solution.

In order to get rid of fleas on your taxidermy, start by mixing the two parts of water and one part of vinegar in a spray bottle, and use this solution. Please keep in mind to not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your taxidermy animals. These products can damage the fur or paint on the animal.

Now that you know how much dog taxidermy costs and how to clean taxidermy animals, you can decide if this is something you want to do for your pet.


So, how much does it cost to get your dog taxidermy? The fee will be determined by the size of your pet, the level of detail you desire, and the location of the taxidermist. Generally, the average cost is between $750 and $1500.

And to clean the taxidermy animals, you can use a mild soap and water solution, or a vinegar and water solution. Also, remember to not use the noxius chemicals or cleaners on your taxidermy animals. That is all for this blog post, we hope the information in this article is exactly what you were looking for. Thanks for reading this blog post!


Q: How Long Does It Take To Taxidermy An Animal?

A: The time it takes to taxidermy an animal depends on the size of the animal and the level of detail you want. Generally, it takes between two months to six months to complete taxidermy.

Q: Can You Taxidermy A Pet Dog?

A: Yes, you can taxidermy a pet dog. In fact, many people choose to taxidermy their pets so they can keep them forever.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Taxidermy And Mounting?

A: Taxidermy is an art where the animal’s skin is removed and then tanned. After that, the animal is stuffed with some foam material and then mounted on a stand. While mounting is simply taking the animal’s skin and mounting it on a board or frame.

Q: What Are Taxidermy Animals Stuffed With?

A: The most common type of stuffing is polyester fiberfill. However, other materials such as straw, excelsior, and cotton batting can also be used.

Q: Is It Weird To Taxidermy A Pet?

A: No, it is not weird to taxidermy a pet. In fact, many people choose to do this so they can keep their pets with them forever.

Q: How Long Does A Taxidermy Last?

A: A taxidermy can last forever if it is properly cared for. However, the average lifespan of taxidermy is around 50 years.

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