Best Shock Collars for Pitbulls – Complete Guide About Best And Safe Collars In 2023

Do you have a Pitbull? If yes then you may know how hard it is to handle these strong boys and gals. As a dog mamma or dad, you should look for some best shock collars for Pitbulls in order to handle them.

Shock collars might seem a bit cruel to some people but in reality, it isn’t. These collars are specifically made for strong and untamed dogs to help correct their behavior. But the problem is there are already a lot of them available on the market. 

Now, this is a good thing from one perspective but for someone who is a complete beginner, there will always be issues.

You need to narrow down your search space and understand which one best matches your needs and requirements. If you found yourself in the same shoes then this guide is exactly what you should be reading.

In this article, we will learn how to choose the right shock collar for your pitbull and go through a list of options available on the market. So let’s get into it!

Do Shock Collars Work For Pitbulls?

The first thing that comes into mind is whether shock collars really work on Pitbulls or not.

Well technically, they do and in fact, they work perfectly on Pitbulls and help the owner control their doggo whenever he or she is out of control. 

Thanks to Upstate Canine Academy for the detailed and safe process of training a pitbull with a Shock Collar.

Let’s take a quick look at this whole process and understand why a shock collar should work on Pitbulls. 

Dog behavior control collars are specialized tools that contain different kinds of sensors. However, there are some collars that work with a remote control which means you will have to zap your doggo manually whenever there is a need. 

The collar has a shocking mechanism installed which helps generate a pulse shockwave and zap the dog. This allows the dog to learn whatever he is doing is not right and he should back off from the activity. 

📝 Note:
According to experts, shock collars can be quite effective when it comes to taming aggressive dogs. However, too much use can have a negative impact therefore, you need to be very careful about these gadgets. 
There is a risk of infection from excessive use of shock collars for long periods, known as Pressure Necrosis. So, try to use it for short periods. 
If you notice any skin problem on your dog's neck then check out our guide about the Symptoms And Treatment Of Shock Collar Wounds (Pressure Necrosis).

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Top 7 Best Shock Collars For Pitbulls:

Here are some of the best dog training collar for pitbulls. Most of them are affordable but some of them provide great features and safety for the bucks. So make sure you check them in detail below:

1. Woehraed – Affordable Dog Shock Collar For 2 Dogs.

Woehraed – Dog Shock Collar for 2 Dogs, 3 Training Modes, Range up to 3300Ft
  • 3 safe training modes, Beep, Vibrate, and Shock.
  • Training range up to 3300 feet.
  • Remote has a 1+2 channel design and settings memory.
  • IPX7 waterproof collar allows your dog to swim.
  • The collar size is adjustable from 6 to 27 inches in length.
  • The clear digital screen and large buttons with three different icons.
  • Safety lock setting in the remote control.
  • Long-Lasting Battery & Quick Charging – Receiver has 7 hours and the Remote has a 1-month battery backup.
  • Works at a great distance.
  • Comes with multiple modes.
  • Allow you to control two dogs at the same time.
  • Safe to use with Pitbulls.
  • The battery life of the product could be a bit better.

The first one is the Woehread’s dog shock collar which comes with multiple benefits. There are so many features that make it stand out from the crow and make it perhaps the most in-demanding dog collar out there. 

Speaking of its features, the collar has three different modes which include a simple beep, vibration, and a powerful electric zap that allows you to correct your dog’s barking, chewing, and other such nasty habits. 

The next thing that makes it an interesting choice for dog moms and dads is the availability of the remote control. Yes, it comes with an awesome remote control that can work at a range of about 3300 feet which is an amazing thing. 

You can control your dog’s behavior from such a distance and even prevent any catastrophe to happen while you are out walking in the park. In addition to this, the remote features two different channels to control multiple collars at the same time. Thumbs up because you can now train and control two dogs at the same time. 

According to the manufacturer, the collar is IPX7-rated waterproof which means whether it is raining outside or snowing you don’t have to worry about it. It is also adjustable and can be adjusted to about 27 inches which is another awesome feature that is available on only a few e-collars for dogs. 

2. GONNLLYY – Bark Collar For Pitbulls.

GONNLLYY – Dog Training Collar, 3 Training Modes, Keypad Lock Mode, (1-16 Levels) Of Vibration, Rang 2000FT, IPX8 Waterproof
  • The collar provides 3 safe and effective humane training modes and static shock (1-16 levels).
  • Extra conductive silicone for the contact points that touches your dog’s skin is safer than other metals.
  • The security keyboard lock on the side prevents any misoperation on the remote.
  • Adjustable Training Collar for All-Size Dogs – It is 28 inches in length and fits 8 to 25-inch neck sizes.
  • Remote with Big Screen & IPX8 Waterproof Receiver.
  • The Remote has 3 channels for settings memory.
  • Longer Battery Life – Receiver has 10 hours and the Remote has 90 days of Battery Backup.
  • Training range up to 2000 feet.
image 1
  • Completely safe for water splashes.
  • Comes with a long-lasting battery and 3 channels.
  • Allow you to train up to 3 dogs at the same time.
  • The plastic flap sometimes rips off and you can’t replace it.
  • The battery life is so so.

The next device on our list of the best pitbull e collars on the market is the Gonnllyy’s dog shock collar. Just like the previous product this one also comes with different modes which is something that makes it quite flexible when training your dog’s behavior. 

This device allows you to humanely train your dog unlike those choking and hurting collars that are used by some trainers to handle the most aggressive dogs. It has a beep which signals your dog that they are doing something wrong, perhaps scratching furniture and peeing in the wrong location. 

A vibration mode that allows your pooch to stop growling like a bad dog and finally a shock that will surely prevent your dog from attacking someone or barking constantly if all other methods fail.

Speaking of the shock, the collar has 16 levels through which we can increase or decrease the intensity depending on the needs and requirements.  

Another thing that we love about this particular dog’s training collar is the fact that it consists of conductive silicone for the contact point. This makes it safer as compared to those collars that come with a conductive metal that comes in contact with the skin and causes skin damage with time. 

There is a smart locking mechanism on the remote control which helps to prevent accidental shocks when going out on a trip with your pooch. 

The whole system is mounted on an adjustable nylon training collar which works like a charm on almost every single dog breed. This is all thanks to the adjustable mechanism of the collar. 

Apart from that, once fit onto the dog the collar holds the receiver in place and avoids sliding it around its neck. Moreover, the collar features a remove with a big widescreen display that works in all kinds of lighting conditions. 

The IPX8 rating waterproofing is something that makes it different from the rest of the products on this list. It allows the device to operate underwater even if it is submerged for about 6 feet deep and that too for one complete hour. 

3. Delupet – Electric Dog Training Collar.

Delupet – Electric Dog Training Collar with Remote Range upto 1600FT, IPX7 Water Proof, 3 Training Modes, Security Lock
  • The collar provides 3 safe and effective humane training modes with variable stimulation levels.
  • IPX7 waterproofing.
  • Come with a security keypad lock, which significantly prevents any accidental pushes while carrying the remote.
  • The e-collar strap can be adjusted, fitting dogs over 10 lb with neck sizes 8-24.4 inches!
  • Well-laid-out large buttons and a clear digital screen allow you to operate during the day/night.
  • 4 Channel – memory function for settings, simultaneously training 4 dogs without resetting it.
  • Longer Battery Life and Quick Charging- The dog collar can last up to 35 days of standby time and the remote 45 days just after 2 hours charge.
  • Training range up to 1600 feet.
image 2
  • 4-channel dog collar.
  • Comes with an interesting design.
  • Recharges quickly and last longer.
  • features multiple modes to discourage your pitbull from bad habits.
  • Cut, fire, and waterproof.
  • The shock level goes to 99 which is very safe if you use it in low levels. But it’s a disadvantage also.
  • The tone of the collar is not adjustable.
  • The shock level goes to 99 which is a bit scary.

If you have made it this far and aren’t satisfied with the above two options then we have something even more interesting for you. Especially if you are looking for something with even more channels then we highly recommend the Deluxe training collar. 

Deluxe produces some of the best training collars for Pitbulls that will absolutely blow your mind with their outstanding performance. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of its features and learn how it can be helpful for you while handling your aggressive boy. The first noticeable thing to mention is the overall design of the collar. It comes in a pitch-black color which looks so cool. 

Let’s say you have kids who don’t know what this remote is used for. If you have turned on the security lock mechanism then it will protect your doggo from being unnecessarily tortured. Besides that, it will also help avoid accidental button processes during the walk. 

When it comes to the range of the remote control it is a bit short which means you need to be within 1600 ft range all the time to your dog otherwise it won’t work. 

Another thing that we noticed about this particular dog collar is that you can’t adjust the audio tone level on this one. While this may not be a huge drawback but still some people prefer to have it on their systems. 

Overall it is quite reliable and charges very quickly which is its major benefit. You don’t have to wait for hours just to get the battery recharged and the best thing is you can recharge it anywhere whether it be your garage, home, RV, or your car. 

However, you need to be very careful when charging it and make sure to use only a compatible charger i.e. whose power is greater than 5V and 1A. 

4. Haoteful – Most Safest And Best Shock Collar For Medium Small Dogs.

Haoteful – Dog Training Collar with Remote 2600FT, Beep, Vibrating, Electric Shock, Security Lock, Waterproof
  • 3 Safe Options – beep, vibration (Levels 1-8), and static shock (Levels 0-18); You can choose a suitable stimulation for your furry baby.
  • IPX7 waterproofing.
  • Designed with a security keypad lock, this dog training collar with a remote can significantly prevent zaps or unwanted correction.
  • The shock collar strap is comfortable and adjustable for 10-120 lb dogs with neck sizes 7.5-25 inches.
  • One-hand operation with large buttons; Clearer and larger display. The battery life of both the remote and receiver is shown on the screen.
  • Support 3 Channel – So you can train 3 dogs with 1 remote.
  • Quicker Charging & Longer Lasting Battery – The receiver can work up to 15 days and the remote 30 days with only 2 hours of charge.
  • Training range up to 2600 feet.
image 3
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Easy to wear and remove design.
  • Water and fireproof.
  • Most Safest – Comes with a lot of safety feature.
  • Works perfectly fine on dogs of all ages.
  • Some users have complained about the shocking mechanism after the use. But actually it’s just the quick response because of its upgraded chip.

While testing different dog shock collars for Pitbulls we stumbled upon the Haoetful shock collar and found it quite interesting due to its amazing features. 

Although it is not specifically made for Pitbulls, it works surprisingly well on small dogs. The collar is made of a combination o plastic and nylon which makes it sturdy and lasts longer than you think. Besides that, the neckband is specifically designed to be dog skin friendly and avoid damaging the skin of your pooch.

There’s an easy-to-use buckle that allows you to put it on and off of your doggo in no time. Haoteful also comes with three different levels of safety options which include shock, vibration, and a beep alarm. 

The shock level varies on a scale from 0 to 18 which indicates the intensity of the electric shock. Besides that, the collar features a long-range remote control that utilizes radio frequency to communicate with the collar receiver. 

In addition to this, the remote control is pretty simple and very easy to use which makes it a user-friendly device. Overall you don’t have to be some kind of pet trainer or a technical person to handle it. The range of this remote is also quite good compared to the previous collar listed here. 

You can use it both indoors and outdoors without any kind of obstructions. Moreover, the IPX7-rated waterproof structure allows your dog to go anywhere it wants. This collar can tolerate swimming, rain, bathing, and even snow without any issue whatsoever. 

In addition to this, you can easily use this collar with your pitbull from 10lbs to all the way up to 120lbs which means it pretty much works on all ages. Another thing that is quite amazing about this e-collar is its one-hand operation which makes it quite easy to use. This is especially useful when you have things to carry while walking. 

5. Bousnic – Best Shock Collar For Large Dogs.

BOUSNIC – Shock Collar For 2 Dogs, 3300 ft Range, IP67 Waterproofing, 3 Modes Beep (1-8) Vibration (1-16) and Humane Shock (1-99)
  • 3 Separate & Adjustable Training Modes: Our shock collars offer 3 humane operation modes, Beep (1-8), Vibration (1-16), and Safe Shock (1-99).
  • IP67 Commando Grade Waterproof.
  • Independent buttons on the ergonomic remote prevent misoperation and accidental shock.
  • The reflective Nylon Collar has Safe & Comfortable Rubber Prongs. So it will be comfortable for small and large puppies and reflect when you’ll shoot light at your dog.
  • Foolproof Design for Novice – With wheel button for level adjustment. Very easy to use for training.
  • Support 2 Channel – So you can train 2 dogs simultaneously.
  • Quick Charge & Ultra Last Long – The electric dog collar can last up to 15-60 days after 2-3 hours of charge. That’s why it’s commando grade and best for outdoor camping with your dogs.
  • 3300ft Remote Range & Through-Wall Antenna. So you can zap her in the yard while sitting in your bedroom.
image 4
  • Long-lasting battery life. Best for camping with your dog.
  • Collar with the longest range.
  • Superb for training two dogs simultaneously outside.
  • Suitable for rain and snow. With commando grade waterproofing.
  • Through wall antenna for controlling your dog in the yard from your bedroom.
  • Wheel adjustment for levels of correction.
  • Reflactive Nylon Collar with ultra safe and comfortable rubber prongs.
  • May sometimes start beeping out of nowhere when charging. Although this is just a software based issue and will be fixed.

Next up, we have the Bousnic dog shock collar that comes in two most beautifully looking designs (i.e. blue and orange) and the collar itself is quite professional made which will look awesome on your pooch. 

The best thing about this shock collar is that it features a buckle locking mechanism which is very safe and it doesn’t come off itself. Whether you have a Pitbull or a chow, you don’t have to worry about controlling the behavior of your doggo now. 

This collar comes with an insanely outstanding remote control that allows it to work at quite large ranges i.e. up to 3300 ft. Whether you are outside or inside you can simply remind your naughty pitbull that he needs to behave himself. Another thing that matters the most when it comes to looking for a dog collar is the operation mode. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to zap your baby every single time he makes a mistake. Keeping this in mind, Bousnic has done a very good job. They have added three different modes just like all other dog shock collars we have listed here. 

This makes them quite effective in different situations. Especially if you are someone who feels terrible when shocking his or her dog. You can simply use the vibration or the beep alarm option instead of Thor. Another noticeable feature of this shock collar is its waterproof design. It consists of an IP67-rated compact receiver that is not too bulky and works even in rainy and snowy conditions. 

Although it is safe from water, we still won’t recommend using it when your dog is wet. Moreover, the lightweight design of the collar allows it to be used by all dog breeds and sizes. Also, last but not least, the device features a dual-channel remote control which allows you to train two Pitbulls at the same time instead of just one. 

It operates in two different channels and can communicate flawlessly in all kinds of environments. The remote control itself is quite stylish with a small verticle LED screen. The screen display battery, operation mode, and current level of the mode. 

6. INVIROX X2 Dog Shock Collar [2023 Edition].

INVIROX X2 Dog Shock Collar With 123 Levels For Aggressive Family Members, 3350ft Range And Waterproof
  • Exclusive remote design featuring 123 training levels, beep (1-8) vibration (1-16), and shock mode (1-99).
  • IP67 100% Commando Grade Waterproofing.
  • Decrease accidental shock by sliding the security keypad lock to prevent misoperation.
  • Safe Training Collar For Large Dogs And Small Babies – Award-winning at pet care, dog training & behavior aids.
  • Large and Clear Display and Button Lights for visibility during the Night.
  • Support 2 Channel – So you can train 2 dogs simultaneously.
  • Long Battery Life – The remote lasts up to 45 days & the shock collar with up to 15 days of operation per single charge.
  • 3350ft Remote Range – The highest range in the list.
image 5
  • Easy-to-wear design. Award-winning at pet care, dog training & behavior aids.
  • Strong and sturdy with commando-grade waterproofing.
  • Suitable for rough and tough breeds like Pitbulls or Terriers.
  • Highest Range In The List, Which Is 3350ft.
  • Clear Display And Buttons Backlights For Night Visibility.
  • Best bang for the buck.
  • Through out our 10 days testing, we noticed a single time it kept beeping when turned off. Don’t know if it was just an issue with our testing unit.
  • The 99 levels of shocks could be dangerous if misused.

Coming up number 6th on our list of the best shock collars for Pitbulls is the Invirox X2. The collar itself is quite stylish and there are so many variables that we wanted to talk about. The first thing is the overall shape and structure of the collar. 

It features a dark theme which looks surprisingly well on black dogs. In addition to this, the remote control of the system is durable and very well manufactured. The device features 123 levels of training which make it stand out from the whole crowd. 

This device is specifically made for tough breeds such as K9 and Pitbulls. Apart from that, the collar provides flexibility to adjust the stimulation level any time you want. This is something unique about it that other devices of the same tier don’t offer.

Moreover, if you can’t help with accidental button presses you can simply slide the safety lock button down. This will help lock all the access and will prevent zapping your little pitbull out of nowhere. 

It is a good thing to understand because your dog should only associate the shock with bad behavior. Only then it will learn otherwise you are gonna need shock collars for a very long time. 

Being a tactical dog collar it comes with the highest range in the list which is up to 3350 ft. Apart from that, the collar possesses a 100% waterproof casing which protects the inside circuitry. 

This makes it quite long-lasting especially if your energetic pitbull loves getting into the water. All in all this gadget is designed by professionally trained people who have been to battlefields once and they know how to handle situations. 

7. SportDOG 425X – Most Expensive Training Collar For Pitbull.

SportDOG Brand Field Trainer 425X The Premium Remote Trainer, 3 Training Modes, 1500ft Range, And Waterproof
  • TONE, VIBRATE, AND STIM up to 21 levels of static stimulation with medium/high ranges.
  • WATERPROOF: Submersible to 25 feet using DryTek technology.
  • Training Collar For For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5 – 22
  • Large and Clear Display and Button Lights for visibility during Night
  • Support 3 Channel – Support training up to 3 dogs with the same remote
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Lithium-ion batteries charge in 2 hours and last 50-70 hours per charge.
  • 1500ft Remote Range.
  • Available In Camouflaged Color Also.
image 6
  • Waterproof and easy to use.
  • Study and long-lasting performance.
  • It Recharges quickly and lasts for more than 50 hours.
  • Comes with different modes of vibration and shock.
  • Available In Camouflaged Colors Also.
  • Not the best option for dogs with thick fur.

Last but not least we have the SportDog on our list of the best e collar for pitbull, is the sport dog brand’s field trainer 425X. Let’s start reviewing the features of the Most Expensive Dog Training Collar in our list from the range of the operation. 

This amazing e-collar is claiming to be operational within 500 yards (1500ft) and it does work in that range in reality. This is because the remote and the receiver have housed state-of-the-art receivers and transmitters which makes it stand out from the crowd. 

In addition to this, it is quite easy to wear as the receiver can be attached to any available collar. Though we are not talking about chain and chocking collars but any band collars will work fine. 

Apart from that, this also features multiple modes of operation which includes a tone to warn your doggo, a vibration to shake him off whenever he is growling or starting, and the last resort option, the hammer of Thor, the jolt of electricity. 

The thing that makes it stand out from the whole crowd is the device’s better timing. Unlike others this one comes with only important features thus it consumes very less battery as compared to its counterparts. 

You can easily use it continuously for about 50 to 70 hours per charge which is awesome. What’s even more good? the device comes packed with a built-in battery indicator which warns you on time whenever the receiver is running low on battery. 

This way you can plan your trips more efficiently if you are thinking to take your cute but naughty pitbull along. 

How To Choose The Right Shock Collar For Your Pitbull?

How To Choose The Right Shock Collar For Your Pitbull

Now that you have learned about the working mechanism of these magic wands from the future you might be wondering how can you pick the Best Shock Collars for Pitbulls. Don’t worry because we have got you all covered. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a shock collar for Pitbulls

1. Make Sure It Is Comfortable.

The first rule is to ensure that the collar is comfortable, no matter how effective it is. This can be done by considering the appropriate size for your pitbull. If you have noticed unlike other dogs pitbull breeds have a bit broader necks. 

They have a stronger physique which makes them uncontrollable whenever they try to be aggressive. Most collars that are available on the market are either too tight or too loose. You need to look for someone that fits snuggly on your furry friend and avoid putting too much unnecessary stress on your dog. 

2. Choose The Type Of Collar Wisely.

As you may already be aware of the fact that there are different types of collars available for dog training and behavior correction. Not all of them are necessarily e-collars because those used by professional trainers come in a variety. Some of them are collars with prongs that sinks into your dog’s neck when it tries to resist with force. 

If you’re not a pro then make sure to get an e-collar that has sensors that can detect the aggressive movement of your dog and body language as well. This will help give you the ability to decide when to zap your doggo and when to just give him or her the signal that you are doing something wrong. 

3. Choose Your E-Collar According To Your Dog’s Fur.

The next thing that you need to look for is a product that can work well according to your dog’s fur. If you don’t know it already Pitbulls are among those dog breeds that don’t have too thick fur just like chow, poodle, or collie. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons they are not so very hypoallergenic and don’t shed too much just like other dog breeds. 

What Are Safe E Collars? Why Are They Safe?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of collars available on the market. Some of them are used to just put a leash on your dog while most of them are designed specifically to train your dog. 

When it comes to safe collars for dogs, there are some that shock your dog whenever he or she is doing something wrong. Apart from that, there are some that are used specifically by dog trainers and they are either choking or have hard prongs that sink into the dog’s neck whenever he or she is showing resistance. 

Then there come electric training collars for Pitbulls which come with advanced features such as alarm, vibration, and shock. These are called safe e-collars because they are used to handle different kinds of situations differently. 

Your dog doesn’t need to be shocked every single time therefore, sometimes you just need to warn it or just remind it that it is doing something wrong. Furthermore, these features are further divided into different levels for instance the Haoteful dog shock collar comes with 18 different levels of shocks. 

Safe E Collars For Pitbulls:

Although we have mentioned a lot of devices on the list and we have cherry-picked them carefully just for you. All of these are picked keeping safety as a first priority but still. If you are looking for a safe bark collar for Pitbulls then the Haoteful and Invirox X2 are the two safe pitbull training collar

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shock Collars Make Pitbulls Aggressive?

The answer to this question is yes, shock collars can make Pitbulls more aggressive when they are used more frequently. This is because they are not able to associate what they are being punished for and instead they start trying to resist as if something is harming them. 

At What Age Does A Pitbull Get Aggressive?

Pitbulls are known to be some of the most aggressive breeds of dogs out there. They start being aggressive at the age of 8 months and sometimes it takes them 2 years to start becoming really aggressive. 

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