7 No-Pull Best Harnesses For Pitbulls – Precise Buying Guide For Pitbulls In 2023

I always tell Pitbull moms and dads, that a harness is one of the best restraining tools for Pitbulls available out there. It can help you walk your dog effortlessly with minimal pulling, let you control its movement when there’s a distraction, and, most of all, let it travel with you in the backseat without jumping all over the car to get hurt or hurt your loved ones.

Now I understand that some owners would go for crating their dogs in the trunk. They have their reasons, but it’s not something I do or recommend. It can turn out to be dangerous for the dog’s physical and mental health.

With these Best Harnesses For Pitbulls, you can take them places with you to be happy and not encounter anxiety and loneliness – two ingredients for aggression.

So, whether it’s a quick trip to a vet, an excursion to the countryside, or just a morning walk, a harness could do you and your Pitbull plenty of good. The ones I’ll review in a while will focus on restraining it during your walks and keeping it comfortable in a car.

Buyer’s Guide – 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Pitbulls are easy to train, according to Dogtime, but that doesn’t mean novice owners should go for it. The breed still has plenty of prey drive, exercise needs, and whatnot to warrant specific obedience training by professionals.

When the time comes, we trainers rely on restraining tools such as a harness. Speaking from experience, though, you can’t choose any harness displayed on the shelves or shown in ads online.

Each breed has its requirements. I’m not talking about the Pitbull harness size only but also comfort, strength requirements, and more. 

Let’s talk about them one by one.

1. Size.

Pitbull is a muscular breed with a broad chest. Thus, it requires a harness with a big chest piece. Size, however, varies from product to product as well. Measure your dog properly and then see what size harness for Pitbull would fit perfectly. 

Generally, harnesses are available from extra small to extra large. Some would go medium while others large.

All the harnesses have their sizes mentioned on their buying page.

2. Comfort level.

The next thing to look for is comfort. Although Pitbulls should have a harness with a larger chest area, the fact remains that it shouldn’t be large enough to cause redness in the armpits. 

I highly recommend harnesses with straps for the lower body. The next recommendation is padding at the right areas – the top being the top priority. 

3. Attachment points.

You want your dog not to choke itself by pulling like crazy. That’s where dual leash attachments make sense. Look for a product that has a D ring to the front and back. The front one serves as an anti-pull attachment, while the one to the back can be used for walking.

4. Tightening mechanism.

The harness should have tightened clasps or buckles that allow a snug fit. That way, you’ll be able to secure the dog in its place and discourage wriggling to get out of the harness.

5. Material used.

The last feature to look for is the material used. Nylon is fine for Pitbulls but it should be tough enough for the dogs to not fray it in any way. One of the products on the list is a military-grade harness that stays true to its name for a long time.

Now is the time to get to the list, shall we?

7 Best Harnesses For Pitbulls – Research Based:

Here is a complete list of no-pull, comfortable, durable, and heavy-duty dog harnesses for Pitbull:

Don't consider it just a normal product roundup!!!👉
This list is a result of 15 days of deep research, testing, and more than 10 years of dog training experience. 
So what are you waiting for, go ahead and take advantage of these expertise like a free consultation - Good luck.

The list starts here for you and our lovely Bully Doggo:

1. Kurgo – The Best Large Dog Harness.

Kurgo Certified Crash Tested Car And Routine Walk Harness for Large Dogs – RedPet Safety Car Seat Belt – Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Style
  • CRASH TESTED & SAFE, for dogs up to 75 lbs.
  • ADJUSTABLE, Five adjustment points for customizable fit on dogs.
  • COMFORTABLE, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort.
  • DOG SEAT BELT TETHER INCLUDED: compatible with any car seat belt system.
  • SIZING & FIT: Large size fits dogs with 18 to 30-inch necks, and 24 to 34-inch chests.
image 7 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Crash tested for backseat usage.
  • Five-step tightening makes it suitable for a snug fit.
  • Front D-ring to facilitate no-pull training.
  • Back ring for leash attachment to make the product versatile.
  • Not for long walks for small dogs because of the metal frame’s heaviness.

Dubbed one of the few dog harnesses tested for car crashes, the Kurgo retains its character as a heavy-duty dog harness for pitbull. It’s a resilient product meant to keep your pooch secure in the back seat.

I hope the time never comes when it gets tested for car crashes, but the moment you unpack it and take it in your hands, you’ll feel instant comfort. 

The harness retains that comfort for all sizes and ages. No matter how snug it is for a breed, it won’t dig deeper into their chest, causing discomfort in any way.

When I say all sizes and ages, I mean it because the harness is available in extra small to extra large sizes. The real deal for a snug fit is the five-step tightening mechanism that you don’t find in many products.

It will feel a little heavier, but that’s because of the metal frame used in the harness. For small dogs such as Corgis, that may present a small problem. Not for large ones, as I’ve used them for Rottweilers and Pitbulls alike.

Coming toward its real use, the Kurgo specializes in fastening your dog to the seat belt via a carabiner. This is better than having the seat belt go all the way through a hole at the back of a harness. It’s harder to get it in and, especially, out when you’re done traveling and the dog’s all excited to get out of the car.

Besides, you could use the product as your everyday harness for walking and attaching your pet to a crate for safety.


Buy the product for its superior anti-crash grading, easy carabiner fastening to a seat belt, and dual usage as a walking leash.

2. RUFFWEAR – Front Range Dog Harness.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range Reflective and Padded Dog Harness for Training and Everyday Use
  • Made for extended wear: Lightweight, durable, easy on and off.
  • 2 leash attachment points: Aluminum V-ring centered on back good for training too.
  • Padded for comfort: Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution and comfort.
  • Customizable fit: 4 convenient points of adjustment for a full range of motion.
  • Easy to see, day and night: Bright, easily visible fabric with reflective trim.
image 7 1 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Comfortable than Kurgo.
  • Two-way attachment point makes it versatile for all types of walking.
  • Lightweight; no metal frame used.
  • Four buckles for easy fastening.
  • Back pocket to keep ID tags.
  • No handle on the top for grabbing the dog. You don’t need one for Pitbulls, though.

The Ruffwear takes an edge even from Kurgo in terms of comfort for the wide-chest Pitbulls. I may as well call it the best large dog harness when it comes to that.

However, it doesn’t have a car seat belt fastening system, so make sure you aren’t buying it for traveling. You can buy it for everyday use, such as walking, training, and even retrieving waterfowl! That’s right. The harness does so well in sticking to the dog’s body when he wriggles, jumps, swims, or does a variety of other activities.

I remember a particular 65 lbs Pitbull, George, that I trained for walking. He had a wide frame, so fitting it in was the usual drill. Thankfully, the product comes with a superior sizing guide to help you secure the harness as snugly as possible. Remember, you’ll have to keep it tight enough to restrict the dog’s movement out of it.

Doing that is super easy, thanks to the four-way tightening mechanism provided at the back. You’ll gently pull those to secure the harness’ front to your Pitbull’s chest.

Taking you back to George’s story, it was a perfect alternative to his collar, which was causing allergies on his neck that removed most of his fur from there. I have received mixed reviews that the harness, too, removes some fur from a dog’s chest, but that’s not the product’s fault. Owners usually tend to tighten it more than the dog’s requirement and use it for hours on end. 

Just like a collar, a harness has to be used for a few hours only to discourage moisture from building up, which gives way to allergies and whatnot.

During that time, make sure that you choose the right attachment point, as there are two of them. The front one is to discourage pulling on the leash, and the one to the back is for walking.


Buy Ruffwear for its industry-leading padded front and back that gives the dog extra comfort even when the harness is hugging it tightly on both ends.

3. Chai’s Choice – Pitbull Harness With Handle.

Chai’s Choice – Premium Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness – 3M Reflective Vest with Two Leash Clips – Matching Leash Available
  • Stylish Service Dog Harness: This dog vest is durable, scratch resistant, and made of lightweight oxford material.
  • Adjustable Straps: Adjustable dog harness gives your pet the perfect custom fit.
  • Two leash attachment points, on the back and the chest with zinc alloy ring attachments.
  • Ergonomic design: Your pooch will be super comfortable with the lightweight mesh lining and soft sponge padding.
  • 3M Reflective Material: Our reflective vest with nylon webbing allows your pet to be visible.
  • The dog harness allows for a seat belt to be looped through its sturdy handle for safety in the car.
  • Chai’s Choice: Owned and operated by a retired US Navy veteran in Sarasota, Florida.
image 7 2 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Extra lightweight.
  • Durable oxford material.
  • Thin straps don’t cover a lot of fur.
  • Front and back attachment.
  • Comes with same-colored leash.
  • Requires tightening from time to time.

Chai solves Ruffwear’s problem of not having a handle. Although it’s a small one that digs into your hand deeper, nonetheless, it’s still a handle you could use to restrain your Pitbull when need be.

I said earlier that Pitbulls don’t need handles on their leashes because they aren’t as aggressive as they are thought to be. They have high energy levels, and whatever they do, they do it with an intensity that many mistakes for aggression.

But every now and then, they will pull on the leash as they have a formidable prey drive. As a result, they will pounce in the direction of a skitting squirrel or a lingering smell from a nearby steak party.

That’s where the handle could come in handy. More than that, however, the back and front attachment points will keep the dog well under your control.

The control won’t be at the expense of your dog’s comfort as the harness stays a little behind the front leg, thus, reducing the chances of skin irritation as a result of wriggling.

Like most of the products you’ll see on the list, this one also has a reflective surface that comes in handy during night strolls.

Since it’s just fabric and foam, your dog will find it extra lightweight. In fact, in terms of weight, it beats Ruffwear and Kurgo. 

My only reservation with this product has been the straps loosening after some time. I had to readjust them from time to time. But that’s okay because Pitbulls absolutely loved this one for its thin structure. It was as if they weren’t wearing anything. This type of harness could be used for an extended time as well. So, it’s a win-win for you and the dog!


Buy the harness for its handle. You may not want to attach a leash, and that’s where the handle will be useful as it’ll let you get a hold of your pet when it wants to dash forward.

4. PoyPet – No Pull Dog Harness and 5 Feet Leash Set.

PoyPet – No Pull Dog Harness and 5 Feet Leash Set – Release on Neck – Reflective Adjustable Soft Padded Vest – Front & Back 2 D-Ring – Handle for Small to Large Dogs
  • EASY ON & OFF – 3 Quick Release Snap Buckles: You don’t have to fight to get it over the dog’s head.
  • 2 Metal D-ring – The back D-ring is ideal for casual walks, jogging, etc.
  • NO PULL & NO CHOKE: Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking.
  • REFLECTIVE & KEEP SAFE: This soft harness featured a reflective strap that is ideal for nighttime walks.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Features 4 adjustable straps to create a custom fit for your dog.
  • COMFORTABLE: It is designed with mesh-filled lining, keeping your dog cool and comfortable all day long, with no rub or irritate their skin.
image 7 3 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Comes with a matching leash.
  • Easy to put on, thanks to the three quick-snap buckles.
  • Enough padding to keep the dog comfortable.
  • Chest piece stays away from the leg crevices to discourage chafing.
  • Tight stitching makes it appropriate for a muscle beast like Pitbulls.
  • Takes a little time to adjust to the right size.

Each product on this list is an improvement from the previous one in some areas. The PoyPet, for example, has a 5 feet leash with reflective lines that were absent in Chai’s Choice harness. Besides security, the makers have also taken care of your comfort and introduced a soft paddle handle.

Talking about the harness itself, it seems like an upgrade from Chai’s Choice. The chest part is broader, with straps covering a decent amount of real estate. However, none of them becomes a hurdle for the front feet in any way. There’s no chafing as a result.

In terms of padding, Poypet lags behind Chai’s Choice. You won’t find it double-layered here, but still, there’s some padding at least that will keep your Pitbull comfortable during walks.

As a Pitbull owner, you know how challenging putting a harness on and off becomes at times. That’s where Poypet comes to the rescue. You get three quick-snap buckles that remove and tighten the harness with a snap!

The harness is my go-to product when I’m supposed to choose one for an active dog that roams around on land and also swims a lot. The reason is fairly simple – it holds up well in a number of settings without showing signs of fraying from the sides.


Buy the harness if your dog is a big puller. I remember a 50 lbs Pitbull Terrier who used to pull to the point of choking herself. The collar didn’t do well, and that’s where Poypet showed its true magic.

5. Rabbitgoo – Escape Proof Dog Harness for Pitbull.

rabbitgoo – Escape Proof Full Body Dog Harness, Soft Padded – Reflective – Adjustable – No Pull Vest with Lift Handle and Lesh Clip for Large Dogs Walking Hiking Training
  • Dog Lift Harness with Large Handle: Padded carrying handle offers protection and instant grip.
  • Customized Fit with 5 Adjustable Straps: 5 Adjusting points (3 around the neck and 2 around the chest/belly).
  • Maximum Comfort: Breathable padded air mesh ensures optimal coziness during extended walks, training, and any outdoor adventures.
  • Durable Material: Heavy-duty polyester webbing, provides reliable strength and ensures safety for daily use.
  • Safety: The back metal D-ring is sealed, sturdy, and effective no-pull to control your dog with less effort. The super-bright reflective strips provide good visibility in the dark.
  • Escape Proof: There are 3 straps on the chest and belly that prevent him/her from escaping.
image 7 4 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Metal buckles make the product durable.
  • No movement restriction because the bottom half is all straps.
  • Extended handle makes handling the dog out of a tangled leash easier.
  • 5-point adjustmen.
  • Leash ring is a bit low.

Rabbitgoo is completely different from the four products above. It’s a three-tier harness that holds a dog’s neck and front leg with a strap around its belly. This arrangement is godsent for owners of Pitbulls that are escape artists. Your pet may be one of them – a single-minded dog that’s successfully wriggled out of every basic harness you’ve bought so far. Not this one, thanks to the belly strap.

The belly strap is an adjustable unit present just below the neck strap. It not only tightens the whole harness but also keeps the dog in it for as long as you want.

That’s how slip-proof it is. I had gotten it for one particular pitbull mastiff who was dog reactive to the point of pulling on his collar until he started choking. Upon wearing it, he’d become a good boy. I was able to restrain him better, and we didn’t have to worry about choking at all. 

That is that. The way the harness is designed also gives your Pitbull’s fur enough time to breathe. It’s all straps, save the top part where there’s padding, an extended handle, and an attachment for a leash. 

Before buying it, however, be careful with sizing. Look into the chart to select the right size and then proceed.


If you’re looking for a full-body vest harness with a good handle that can be used for the mobility of disabled/weak dogs or that can help in assisting your dog downstairs. Then this one is perfect for you.

6. Auroth – Tactical Dog Harness for Pitbull.

Auroth – Tactical Dog Harness for Small Medium Large Dogs – No Pull Adjustable Pet Harness – Reflective K9 Working Training Easy Control Military Service Dog Harnesses
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: 4 fully adjustable straps (2 Shoulder and 2 Chest) allow a snug fit with maximum mobility.
  • Easy On and Off: Put on and take off this product with 2 quick-release buckles with no hassle.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Our heavy-duty vest is made of 900D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability, suitable for all field use.
  • Two rings can bear great pulling force, ensuring your dog is safe during training, hunting, and working.
  • Well padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin, while the breathable air mesh keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Molle System Use: Two 1″ strips of Molle Sewn on both sides, allow your dog to carry gear in training.
  • It is compatible with Molle /PALs Pouch, so you can also hook dog bowls, water bottles, and toys.
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL & SECURITY: Our safety harness features 2 metal leash attachment points for dog walks safely.
image 7 5 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Military-grade material ensures long-lasting use.
  • Exquisite looks.
  • Durable handle makes controlling the dog easier.
  • Dual attachment metallic points.
  • Super hard to get out of as the straps won’t loosen.
  • Budget Friendly.
  • The buckles are plastic. But sturdy.

It’s really in the name if you read again. Auroth is a tactical harness with military-grade 900D nylon for superior hold. All that means one thing – the harness is made for extra strong Pitbulls that have a bad pulling history.

But the material doesn’t make it uncomfortable as you may think. There’s padding at the right places to keep the harness as comfortable as possible. In fact, you’ll find no red marks or chafing evidence around the armpits at all. 

Comfort is one thing. The harness allows plenty of room for your Pitbull’s mobility without presenting escape chances. Add the top handle with it and you get a product that maintains mobility, all the while giving you the freedom to remove your dog from a group of feisty dogs.

I’m telling that from my experience of leash-training a 60 lbs Pitbull who had a knack for joining rowdy groups of dogs. He would pull on the collar or wriggle out of harnesses even when they were snug to the point of choking. Somehow he had learned to go hands first out of them. I later realized that it wasn’t the dogs that made him escape but the mobility limitation of harnesses the owners used.

This heavy duty dog harness for pitbull will solve your problem, as that dog accepted it with open paws. If he did it, I’m sure all will.

After that, I’d like to mention how the double-ended leash attachment provides extra no-pull support for dogs even ahead of the one I mentioned.

No matter how much it’ll pull and wriggle, it won’t be able to get out. Thanks to the quality material, you’ll also see that your pet will have less success chewing its new harness.

Besides these and how adequately secure the neck part is, the harness wins many hearts with its looks. For a dog as muscular as a Pitbull, it does great aesthetics-wise. Your dog will look like a handsome canine that’s returned from military service.


Buy it if you’re looking for a product that’ll last for ages without losing its agility and toughness.

7. Juxzh – Comfortable And Best Harness for Bully Breeds.

JUXZH – Soft Front Dog Harness – Best Reflective No Pull Harness with Handle and Two Leash Attachments
  • Stylish, Durable, Scratch-Resistant Oxford material outer layer, lightweight.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design ensures easy to fit and put on/take off.
  • Safety features include Nylon webbing with reflective material for Good visibility at night and a Sturdy handle for easy seat belt attachment while riding in your car.
  • Comfortable lightweight Mesh lining with soft sponge padding in chest and belly.
  • Two leash attachment points: Aluminium-alloy V-Ring on the dog’s back and Stainless steel O-ring on the dog’s chest.
image 7 6 https://barkingcuties.com/best-harnesses-for-pitbulls/
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Wide handle.
  • Front and neck attachment points.
  • Does not cause irritation whatsoever.
  • Be careful with sizing.

The last one is Juxzh – a super soft harness made for Pitbulls with mild temperaments and skin allergies. It’s wide enough but not too wide to create redness in the armpits. You’ll do your dog good by buying it to reduce or get rid of the itch caused by using harnesses or collars.

The handle you get with it is big enough to double as a hole for a seat belt. That’s not the only convenience. The mesh elastic pouch on the front is used for ID tags, and it’s jingle-proof, which means your dog won’t be disturbed by swinging tags during high activity.

Juxzh is at par with Ruffwear in terms of comfort, but strength-wise it takes an edge as using it for American Pitbull Terriers with strong front legs was a breeze. I had faced minimal hurdles in getting them on track. They seemed to miraculously turn into good boys right after wearing them!

The other feature I love here is that the reflection of the harness isn’t scattered. When you shine lights on it, you get a direct reflection, thus, making it visible to the field of sight. That’s one of the reasons why I highly recommend the harness for night strolls or even night hunts.

Overall, it’s a pleasant product with comfort as the major selling point. Just as you love comfortable things, I’m sure your dog will love the harness, too. In fact, throughout my use, I’ve found the dogs eager to wear it with minimal fuss.


Buy the harness for Pitbulls with sensitive skin. 

Other Pitbull And Training Related Guides:

How To Measure A Harness For Your Pitbull?

Before choosing a harness, make sure you take the right measurements for each dog. What size harness for a pitbull do you need to order not only depends on the breed but also on its general health.

Here’s how to take the right measurement:

What do you need?

You’ll need tape to measure the dog.

Steps For Measuring:

  • Measure your dog’s chest. Begin by encircling the tape right behind the armpits or the area that leads to the widest portion of the torso.
  • Also, take neck measurements because a part of the harness secures it. Measure the area where the neck meets the rest of the body.

How To Harness Train A Pitbull? Easy Tips:

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to put on a harness on a Pitbull peacefully:

  • Familiarize the dog with the leash and the harness by letting it sniff. Hold them in your hand when you’re interacting with them.
  • Gently put it on. Leave it for some time and monitor its reaction. Increase the wearing time until it’s okay with it.
  • Tie a leash to the back D-ring. Gently encourage it to walk by your side. 
  • Don’t forget to feed it treats for encouragement when it obeys you.
  • Increase the walk durations first in the backyard and then take it outside gradually. 
  • Do not push the process and let the dog adjust to the new routine.

Videos For Walk Training And Putting On Harness On Pitbull:

This video is not specific to Pitbulls. But it can teach you how to put on a harness on your dog peacefully. Thanks to Austin Pets Alive! channel.

Thanks to Will Atherton Canine Training for providing us with such a helpful and effective walk training guide video.

Which One Is Effective Between Harness Vs Collar For Large Dogs?

A harness and a collar are both training tools. Each has its own pros and cons. For Pitbulls and other large dogs, however, a harness proves to work because it discourages them from pulling on the leash. Whereas they are known to pull on the leash attached to a collar to the point of choking.

Beware of any skin sensitivity, allergy, or previous wounds before going for the harness. Also, know that you’ll have to train the dog for some time to be able to control it.

Pros Of Collars
  • Some types, such as choke chains, are equally effective.
  • Used for identification.
  • Easily attach a leash.
  • Easily worn.
Cons Of Collars
  • Large dogs easily ignore them and start pulling.
  • They fall prey to pawing.
  • They can break.
  • Choke hazard.
Pros Of Harnesses
  • Gives full control to the owner.
  • Has D-rings to the front to discourage pulling.
  • Comes with a handle to detangle a dog or carry it out of a trouble.
  • Reduces choking hazard.
Cons Of Harnesses
  • Takes time to put on and off.
  • May get entangled in things such as bushes.

This was all about the best harness available for Pitbulls in the market out there and short training tips for harness training your pitbull. We also have guided you for buying a harness specifically for a pitbull according to his size, qualities, and personality.

Closing Remarks

That was all about the best harness for Pitbulls. The breed isn’t as aggressive as people believe, and as an owner, you may agree with me.

Aggression is a by-product of ill-treatment. You could reduce that with training along with other bad behaviors such as leash pulling. Harnesses can come in handy, and I just reviewed 7 products that I’ve used personally. Buy as per your requirement as I have reviewed each product according to its major strength.

If you still want to go with my choice, I’d choose between Kurgo and Auroth!


Are harnesses bad for dogs?

Harnesses are not bad for dogs. They are tools of training. But much like any other tool, they could turn into bad masters if not used well. You could end up hurting the dog. Therefore, learn to use a harness before training the dog with it.

What size harness does a Pitbull need?

Pitbulls need medium and sometimes large sizes. The medium size is between 16 to 24 inches, while the large one sits between 17 to 27 inches. This isn’t a hard and fast rule. Measure your dog individually before buying a harness for it.

Can you train a Pitbull to be off-leash?

You can train your pitbull to be off-leash. However, it will require a lot of careful training with proper repetition and practice. Make sure you go with the dog’s pace and give it plenty of time to adjust. In the process, using treats as positive reinforcement will help a lot.

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